What’s your style personality?

24th February 2017

When you walk into a store, you always find yourself in the same section.  Perhaps you’re always stringing through the dresses or maybe you’ve found yourself on the men’s side of the store more often than you’d like to admit.  This is a good thing – it means you know what you like.  You’ve got a certain swag.  So what does it mean about you?  Read our style types below to find out.

tomboy chicPhoto credit: @yasminehmood and @anoukyve

Tomboy Chic

Let’s face it.  When the press went crazy over Gigi Hadid wearing a boots worn over joggers and called it chic – you knew this style moment was yours.  You immediately went back to a time of rocking a style similar to your older brother.  But now, you’re finding yourself in arguments with your partner over whom that jumper really belongs to.

Tomboy chic certainly isn’t going anywhere this season, and we’re all about embracing it.  So go on, dress down that slip dress with a pair of trainers, wrap yourself in a hoodie and top it off with a sleek bomber. But maybe it’s time to accept that you need to replace the jumper you’ve stolen from your partner.

contemporary glam

Photo credit: @beautyrocksblog and @mowoblog

Contemporary Glam

There’s nothing you love more than a Saturday night with your girls.  Time to slip on that party dress, recreate the latest makeup tutorial and catchup over cocktails.  If the night wanders, and it usually does, we can find you near the DJ booth dancing the night away and maybe locking eyes with a sexy stranger.

When it comes to style, you love feminine shapes that suit your body (and have too many bodycon dresses to count).  You love to accessorise but if it’s a night out, you’re all about convenience so you’re just bringing a small clutch that can hold your makeup essentials and card.

Photo credit: @annesophie_ and @annamariadamm


Your style is about letting your inner confidence shine through and putting function first. You’ve taken a note from top execs and creatives who wear their functional favourites every day and let their creativity shine through.

You’re on the move and live life to the fullest.  In a day, you might head to the gym, grab dinner with a guy you’re seeing and then head out to meet your friends for drinks.  Your weekends are full of adventure and getting outside is your priority.   Basic? You are anything but.


Photo credit: @kelliebaldwin and @martacarriedo

Pretty and posh

You know good things are built to last. You have a few best friends and have been committed to your guy for longer than you can remember.  You prefer long brunches and walks with those people you love most.

When it comes to style, you’ll choose a timeless classic over a fast moving trend any day.  You’re not afraid to splash out a bit because you see your clothing as an investment rather than something to be flung carelessly in your wardrobe.

Feature image photo credit: @lolitamas and @mowoblog