World Mental Health Day – This is Me

9th October 2019

Mental Health is something we take very seriously here at Superdry. This year we’re celebrating World Mental Health Day – but it’s something that we take into consideration 365 days a year through our Healthy Minds initiative. The project encourages all of our employees to talk more freely about mental health – reducing stigma and creating a more positive culture.  It’s time to end mental health discrimination.

We want to spread this message further, so in honour of World Mental Health Day we spoke to the faces of our #SDMYWAY campaign to share their mental health stories from struggles to tips with how to cope.

Chris Eubank Jr @chriseubankjr

For me as a fighter, having that mental strength is extremely important. A lot of people think that being a good fighter is just being really strong and fit, but you have to be mentally strong. I’d say that 70-80% of it is all mental.

Chris’ advice:

  1. Get plenty of sleep.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people and help others.
  3. Be calm and be gentle. A very good technique is that I never raise my voice, no matter how angry I get.

Aiden Andrews @aidenallday

I like to get outside. I moved to New Zealand from New York because I was probably dealing with my own mental struggles. It was a mentally exhausting city and I noticed as soon as I got to New Zealand and I got active in the fresh air I found clarity.

Aiden’s advice:

Communication is a big one, the feeling of isolation is a scary thing. If you have a problem you should really reach out and talk to someone, because there’s someone else out there struggling. 

Leo Hoyte Egan @lionsouljah

Mental health is overlooked a lot of the time, but it’s something that’s in equilibrium with your physical health. 

Leo’s advice:

For me when it comes to keeping my mental health at a high standard, I have to express all my creative needs through painting, dancing and singing. Not everyone has that Frank Sinatra or Beyonce voice but that doesn’t matter.

Aisha Jade @aisha_jade

Understand that you have an inner voice and you have to trust it. Take the time out on a daily basis to sit with your inner voice and let it come to the front of your mind.

Aisha’s advice:

1. Deep breathing, breath into your stomach, hold it at the top and then breathe out slowly.

2. Switch your phone to silent, watch a movie that makes you cry. Do anything that your body is asking for.

We’ve all got our own story. How do you tell yours? Make sure you check in on your mental health this week. Follow our channels to see some of the things we have been up to and discover the #SDMyWay campaign here.