What to wear for winter exercise

31st December 2016

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Conjuring up the motivation to exercise in winter can be tough. It’s cold, it’s dark and the sofa probably looks way more appealing. However, with the right workout gear you might just feel motivated enough to get outside and beat your personal best sprinting around the block or to head to the gym to smash out a HIIT. Slacking off in winter can hinder your ability to find motivation for spring, plus it only takes seven to 14 days for your fitness to start declining. Yeah…we know, ouch.

So just what should you be throwing into that gym bag, ready for your next winter workout? We’ve put together a guide just for you, with some stylish suggestions featuring some of the best pieces from our very own sports range to choose from:


The right shoes
Running outside in the winter months can result in slips and falls on icy pavements and wet leaves, which is why selecting the right pair of workout shoes is an absolute must. Choose running shoes which not only support your feet and ankles but also feature plenty of grip on the soles, to ensure you don’t end up looking like a baby gazelle during your 5K.
For the gym, this isn’t such a necessary feature to consider, so a pair of our casual trainers are great for creating a stylish look when you’re smashing out a weighted workout or having a go on the elliptical.

jacket for winter exercise

Don’t go out without this…
You’re going to need a comfortable coat that will shield you from the wind during a winter run – one that is also waterproof with a hood is ideal, just in case you end up in a downpour. For dryer days though, our Gym Funnel Shell Jacket has a fun retro vibe and its high collar can be zipped up to protect your neck from the cold. It’s been created using hi-tech fabric with performance technology, plus added ventilation features, to keep you covered but cool while completing a workout.

If you’re not much of a runner and prefer a long hike or walk instead, a waterproof jacket that also includes wind shielding features will encourage you to truly head for the hills this winter. Opt for a jacket featuring fur lining – like our popular Windcheater style – and stay cosy while enjoying a brisk hike at the weekend.

leggings for running

Level up your leggings
Thighs and calves take the full force of the cold when out exercising so swap your usual capri leggings for a longer, thicker pair. Choose leggings featuring a thicker waistband too, which will ensure hips stay toasty while out and about and stirrup styles are a great idea to ensure no cold gets in and ankles aren’t exposed.

Runners leggings with moisture wicking fabric are also perfect for the winter months, the material soaks up any sweat and ensures you don’t feel a chill while out exercising and cooling down. Our range also features a helpful zip pocket on the waistband, which means you don’t need to worry about taking a bag with you or grappling with an arm band that holds your smartphone.

hoodie for winter running

Layer up
As well as your coat, ensure you stay warm while braving the chill with thin layers worn beneath a lightweight sports jacket. For the ladies; a well fitting sports bra should always be worn – no matter what exercise you are doing – then layer this with a thin, long sleeved top before finishing off with a hooded jacket.

Guys, one of our long sleeved athletic tops is ideal to wear beneath a fitted hooded top and a jacket and be sure to combine running leggings with some athletic shorts for a good looking but cosy combination for your next winter workout.

Don’t forget to accessorise
Keep those extremities protected from the cold with some stylish but warm accessories. Matching gloves and a scarf are always a good combo but bear in mind that the more you move the hotter you get, so it’s best to leave the hat at home. When it comes to gloves, opt for a pair featuring touchscreen technology so you can change music or update your fitness tracker with ease while out, as well as staying warm.

If your jacket doesn’t feature a higher collar a snood is also a great addition to your winter workout wardrobe. You won’t need to worry about it unravelling as you move and it will definitely keep you toasty.

Hi-vis additions
If you plan on heading out in the evening to exercise it’s important you are seen by traffic, even if you aren’t straying from the path. This means pulling on a hi-vis armband or even a headlamp to ensure you don’t get missed by drivers and even other runners or cyclists. While all black workout gear looks great, you need something brighter for night time runs – embrace the bold pinks, bright greens or (our personal favourite) vivid orange.

Before you head out in the dark to exercise, whether you’ve planned in a light jog or are cycling around your local area, it’s important you let people know where you are going and when you intend on returning. Ensure you remain in well lit, populated areas and always stay safe when exercising in winter.

Choose workout clothes that get you excited
The winter blues are easy to succumb to, so be sure to pick out workout gear in bright colours and fun patterns that you want to wear. A shiny new pair of gym leggings that you can’t wait to show off might just encourage you to get out there or a brand new pair of running trainers could give you the push to plan a walk to wear them in. Don’t underestimate the power of some fun new additions to your wardrobe.

Check out our range of sportswear, for both the guys and the girls, and pick out something to give your winter workout a boost.

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