What to wear for après ski

17th January 2017

 When it comes to après ski, some people choose to hit the bar as soon as they’ve packed their skis or snowboard away and removed their layers before ordering a drink, while others prefer to head back to where they are staying to wash up and get changed. Après is an opportunity to really unwind after a day on the slopes; make a few new ski buddies to team up with for the rest of your stay, enjoy a few drinks and recall the spectacular jump someone did that day.

Whether you dive in straight from the slopes or take time to shower and get ready, here are the items we recommend you pack and wear for partying in the evening:

ski jacket

Ski jacket

That bar might be cosy and warm but once you leave you’ll have to make your way back to your accommodation in the cold – and potentially while fresh snow is falling – so be sure to take your ski jacket along. If you find yours too bulky in a crowded environment – and it will get crowded during peak season – then take along a smaller style that still features plenty of padding. A padded parka with a fur lined hood is a great alternative if you aren’t wearing your ski jacket for après ski; check out our jackets range for men and click here for women.


Knitted jumper

Layers are important whether you’re on the slopes or enjoying the après ski scene, so ensure that once you leave the bar you stay warm with a knitted jumper worn underneath your ski jacket. A Fair Isle knit won’t look out of place, in fact it’s always on trend whatever country you choose to visit for a winter holiday. Alternatively, one of our Kaya blanket capes is a great substitute, it’s stylish, and should keep you snug.


Short sleeved shirt

The more people in the bar, the toastier it gets, so you could find yourself taking off that knitted jumper or cape too. Wear a smart shirt underneath your layers to keep you cool when hanging out at the end of the day and if you head off to a spot where dancing might be involved you’ll be thankful for it.

Snow boots

You’re still going to need shoes with plenty of grip for that walk back to your accommodation later in the evening, so some snow boots are a good call. Forget those sheepskin booties, you need something you can hike in that grips the ground beneath you and supports your ankles just in case you slip. Don’t forget the thick socks to keep feet warm and comfortable.


Salopettes or jeans?

Many people find their skiwear salopettes to be the most comfortable choice for an evening in the après ski bar, while others prefer to change into jeans. Neither is the wrong choice, however, skinny jeans may be the best option. Not only are they snug enough to keep the warmth in, they’re easier to tuck into those snow boots.



They say that accessories make an outfit, so don’t leave yours behind when it comes to après ski. A knitted or faux fur headband is a great accessory to finish off that comfy ensemble, and for the guys a beanie will do the job just as well. A soft, wide scarf can double up as a blanket while you enjoy a drink or two and keep you snug on the walk home.


Dressing up

Ladies, if you do decide to change out of your skiwear, you can wear a dress or a skirt to après ski, but we highly recommend you grab a pair of super thick tights and a knitted jumper to wear too. A dungaree dress is on trend this winter, so forego the chunky knit and wear a roll neck jumper beneath this to tick all the style boxes – choose a jumper with a super thick neckline and you can skip wearing a scarf altogether.

saddle bag

Evening bag

Those heading back to their chalet to change may grab a small handbag to keep everything together in the evening, but mostly ski jacket pockets are a popular choice when it comes to keeping your personal items safe – plus, it means you don’t need to worry about carrying anything back after a night of partying.

Looking for some new pieces to add to your après ski wardrobe? Then don’t forget to check out our men’s snow range and women’s skiwear.

Feature image photo credit: @annisophie_ and @joankaklekowska




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