My Way AW19 – Introducing Leo Hoyte-Egan

18th October 2019

This autumn, we’ve worked with an amazing collective of seventeen individuals brought together to express their own unique style. Meet Leo aka @lion_souljah, a 22 year-old dancer, singer, musician and magician (we can go on).

The lowdown:

A man of many talents, Leo doesn’t confine himself into a box. He dances every day and describes himself as a martial artist, yogi, dancer, model,  and skater. Leo is also a very spiritual person – he carries a blue crystal everywhere that he found in his Granny’s drawer.

In his words:

 ‘I do everything creative. That is a bit of a statement I guess, like I can’t burp the alphabet, but everything that has that creative essence or positive correlation about it – I’m definitely about that. I try and do as much as I can, because the only limit to yourself is your mind’.

Leo’s style

Leo doesn’t follow any one style – he includes different cultures into his style through accessories. Leo dresses with an urban edge *as can be seen on his Instagram feed so the foundation to his autumn style is a classic parka for men.

Sherpa Worldwide Stealth Zip Hood

Tapping into the hiking trend with a street edge, this classic sherpa hoodie is on hand for Leo’s travels in of the moment camo.

Chinook Parka

An alternative to the classic mens winter jacket, this parka combines function and fashion come rain or shine.

Get his look

Find out more about Leo @lion_souljahand discover the other faces of #SDMyWay at

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