30th October 2018

Musician maverick Mr Sam Way has had a strong love affair with Superdry – he’s modelled for us, he’s performed at events for us, and obviously he’s partied with us! In a nutshell, we love Sam Way! With this week’s release of his new single Vampire Appetite, and fittingly during Halloween week, we caught up with the king of acoustics to chat all things spooky and the odd bit of serious!

Introduce yourself with two facts and one white lie about yourself!

I binge watch Anime in my free time, I’m trying (failing) to cut out dairy from my diet….and….I have been sober now for 3 months….

You’re a man of many talents, modelling being one that kickstarted your career. What’s been the highlight, the most rewarding, the funniest moment, and most bizarre?

I never even thought modelling was a viable career choice when I got scouted by my agency, Models1, at just 16. One of the most rewarding experiences was probably my first trip outside of Europe with work; we flew into Marrakesh, I was 17 I think, and upon landing and walking out of the terminal, it was like another layer of life had just been revealed to me. I spent 3 days being immersed in an entirely new culture with the crew shooting around the souks. I see it now as a prelude to all the adventures that would come after. I felt blessed and pushed outside my comfort zone all at the same time.

You’re also a secret magician! Give us a worded hint at some of your epic tricks?

HAHA!!!! When did I pull a deck of cards out on you!!!! I practised sleight of hand card magic for a few years and became pretty decent. However, that all stopped when I picked up the guitar, somehow the music is more magic than the Magic.

When did you discover you were nifty on the guitar, and what’s your fondest early memory and trigger of music being of mass importance to you?

I wrote a song for my 18th birthday on the piano, it was all about family and friends and the people in the room, and it brought the room to absolute silence – I guess that was one of those moments! Although I wouldn’t even touch a guitar until 4 years later! Funnily I think I took to the guitar quickly because the sleight of hand card magic I had been doing made you really practise fine, small hand movements over and over again.

How would you poetically describe your music?

Resolved, we all have a song to sing

Stories, Echoes

Pass over and though

I just try to catch them in time

Try to distill

Something greater

Into a few words

That might



Album lurking in your earliest record collection that spooks you out now?

OMG, the debut album by 5IVE, haha!

You’ve got a natural charisma and charm on stage, but in what scenarios are you NOT so confident?

Nerves come and go onstage, trust me, any performer who looks calm and confident is either well practised in looking totally normal when their heart is probably racing, or they’re genuinely confident because they’ve spent hours and hours getting things wrong in their own time so they can get it right on show night. I think my general knowledge is actually quite dreadful, based on how bad I am at pub quizzes, and equally, my maths is so so bad. Oh…and also DIY…damn I suck at DIY!

Sam Way’s step-by-step guide to writing a song? What do you tend to write about in your music?

There’s no one way, but I think reading a lot helps. I underline things and make notes in all my books. Then you find a melody, and see what comes. Songs can take hours to write, or months. I tend to write from experience, about relationships, (my own, or ones I observe from a distance) often about love or loss…somewhere in my songs is an attempt to make touch some part of what it means to be human.

What artists do you look up to and why?

I love The Prodigy. I mean they’re iconic, live they’re absolutely amazing, they’re survivors, veterans, and their music explores places that most people rarely go in everyday life.

Your new single is called Vampire Appetite – what’s it all about?

It’s a fun, boisterous take on my relationship to the persuasions of desire, and if you hold out for repeat listens the song might even take on a darker shade…but…don’t take it too seriously, note the goofy laughter kept in at the production at end of the track…haha! Be sure to tag me if you’re listening!

Guessing you’re a sucker for Halloween – vampire pun intended! What you dressing as this year?

I’m dressing as a Demon-Lord. Expect freaky white contact lenses, a Kimono and a leather helmet sprouting horns (see below!)

Film that freaks you out every time without fail?

I. Hate. Scary films…I would never watch one twice let alone ONCE!

You’re basically an extended member of the Superdry fam, having collaborated with us over endless projects – can you let the readers know a little more about these magic moments!

Playing live at the Superdry press dinner was a real treat. We hired out a private dining area and my songs, all jammed out unplugged, acted as the perfect bookmark to the beautiful food. I also can’t forget our little press trip to Ibiza to see Sigala play live. Pretty sure the Superdry crew danced harder than anyone else. Here’s to many more!


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