13th May 2019

Norwegian producers Seeb have worked with the freshest talent, so it was only fair to track them down during a recent London stint. Here’s the friendly grilling on their enviable profession…

What’s a studio session with Seeb like?

We rarely have sessions anymore so it’s difficult to say, but when we do we try to have as much fun as possible. Of course we do work daily in the studio, but not so much in the traditional session. One example could be, we meet around 9 (we’re early birds) and then the other people in the session come an hour or so later. By then we’d have drunk a lot of coffee and been listening to music, trying to figure out the other people we are working with and what kind of music they like. Then a big lunch, and a few hours of going crazy experimenting on some guitar boxes or old vintage synths to come up with a basic but unique vibe or chord structure that we could build a song from. Then we just go from there. Key word is fun and not trying to write a song if it doesn’t come naturally.

What’s your downtime like outside of the studio?

For both of us it’s definitely time with our families, and then the outdoors. As we are lucky to have some great nature around here, we only have to go 15 minutes outside Oslo to find some pristine wilderness. Cycling, hiking, skiing or boat trips.

Expectation VS reality of being a successful DJ?

It is very different from all the generic slo-mo recap videos, pictures of private jets, champagne parties and all that empty nonsense. It’s basically a lot of work. Many young people these days try to become successful in music but the rules are still the same as in the old days. If you have a little bit of talent, you just have to put in the hours to achieve your goals, and a bit of luck goes a long way. If you want to become a proper DJ nothing beats experience and practice. We don’t consider ourselves as DJ´s but more musicians and producers.

It must be the ultimate rush performing sets to festival thousands – moments in life you shy away from though?

Well like going to the dentist – haha! There is a lot in life that can be scary or difficult but when you have kids you are forced to deal with many of these things in a way, and it’s good. It’s all about putting things in perspective, and putting yourself in relation to the bigger things in the Universe and realise that you are here in this life for a mere fraction of time. That makes it a bit easier to deal with the things you fear or are anxious about. It would be a waste of your life worrying about what will happen tomorrow or the next day as it could all end in a split second. There is no time for regrets.

Who would be on your ultimate festival line-up – the more obscure, impossible and fictional the better!

We never go to festivals unless we play there ourselves so that would probably be a bit obscure and not something that would attract a lot of people. But we would love to see Empire of the Sun live, then maybe Tame Impala followed by Florence and the Machine and for the headliner Cocteau Twins would reform and close the whole thing.

What’s new single Free to Go all about?

Don’t really want to explain too much of that as Ingrid Haavik sang and wrote the lyrics and she would have a better explanation than ours. To us anyway it’s about a place of mind, a feeling and it’s something that we tried to illustrate with the anime video we made for it with the talented people over at Eallin. Obviously it’s a relationship related song and a reminder that you shouldn’t take people and love for granted because you never know when they are gone. It’s a very emotional record to us and one we just had to put out.

You’ve worked with some incredible talent. How do these relationships with other artists happen?

They happen a bit at random but sometimes these people get in touch with us through social media or management. It’s quite normal these days to collaborate across musical genres and if you have a great tune that needs a top line or a vocal it’s so easy to get things to happen. In that sense people often work separately in their own spaces even on the same song but we, at least try to hang out and get to know the people we are working on records with as it makes everything so much more exciting and natural. Sometimes we also meet people at festivals and gigs and hang out, some them become friends.

We welcomed you with open arms to our Regent Street flagship – what did you pick out and make of Superdry?

It was a pleasure visiting the flagship store. We love the clothes, they fit our informal and sportive lifestyle well up here in the north. And our kids are all into it as well.

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for Seeb?

A lot of new releases, both remixes and in a few weeks a brand-new single in time for the summer. A few gigs here and there but this summer and fall we will mostly stay in the studio working on an EP we have planned for later this year.



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