How to smash your fitness goals this year

7th February 2018

We get it – your mates have started slacking off on those New Year resolutions but you want to keep going. It’s hard when you lose a gym buddy to pizza – even if pizza is life.

But if you wanna get into beast mode in 2018 when it comes to your fitness, here are a few tips to see you through:

Find a tune that gets you going

Music can give you a boost. Add these tracks to your Spotify playlist, then turn up the volume:

Elevate – Paigey Cakey

If you prefer to smash it on the treadmill to a strong beat then this tune is the one for you. With slowed down bridges for those special moments when you’re coasting through a 5K, this is the track for if you want to speed things up when you get back to the chorus.

Georgia – Tiggs Da Author

The chill vibes on this track are ideal when you’re stretching on the mats before a weight sesh. You’ll feel pumped but also kind of relaxed with this tune, as you stare down your first set and the bench.

Nadia Rose – Skwod

When you’re looking to go hard with your mates – showing off your best moves on the BMX track – this is the tune to have playing. Bolshy, strong and not giving a… should be your mantra for 2018 when you’re working out.

Grab some new sport clothes


Photo credit: @annemcevoy21

Picking up some new gym wear – that you actually want to wear – will get you off the sofa and down on the weight machine again.

Whether it’s a brand spanking new pair of gym leggings that make your butt look good or gym clothes for men that show off all the hard work you’ve been doing on your shoulders, if you look good when you’re working out – you’ll want to do it more.

Hit the follow button

Add some fitness influencers to your feed on Insta and you’ll find yourself feeling inspired to get down the gym – after watching a video of them working out or showing off their ab progress. Here are some good ones to keep an eye on:


  • This freerunning star was a Ninja Warrior UK finalist and will open your mind when it comes to new ways to get fit.


  • John and Leon are your guys if you want updates on nutrition and how to grow muscle – plus, they’re a great laugh too.  


  • The world number one freestyle football athlete travels around the globe showing off his skills, so expect awesome trick videos you’ll want to copy and sunny location shots.


  • Tori is goals when it comes to physical strength and flexibility – she also works out in the most beautiful places using everything in the environment to get fit.

Write down why you’ve set a goal

@antonitopic 2

Photo credit: @antonitopic

Want to get stronger? Leaner? Faster? Take a minute to jot down what the end game is and then work around that – it should really be your main motivation.

Want to do 10 full press ups? Then you know you need to work on your arm strength, form and put in some practice. Want to run a marathon? You’ve gotta commit to a training plan. Once you know why you want to exercise you can then go ahead and smash those goals. Don’t stop until you get it.  

Slap on a fitness tracker

Maketh The Man Anton

Photo credit: @MakeththeManAnton

Wearing a fitness tracker that keeps an eye on your steps and how much you’ve pushed yourself that day can really help you smash your goals. You don’t even need one with a fancy heart rate monitor – although this can give you a more accurate picture of how you’re doing calorie burning wise if that’s your thing. But remember, even if you don’t smash a PB every time, any workout is better than no workout.

Start small

Sure, cutting out all sugar and going to the gym every single day is a great idea but is it achievable? If you really want to smash those goals you need to start small.

Mini goals are the best idea, so like if you have two sugars in your tea cut it down to one and a half – that sort of thing. You can then build it up from there. Easy, right?

Find an exercise you love

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough – which means you need to find something you enjoy so you push yourself to get better. We recently rounded up some awesome alternative sports to give a go this year – including BMXing, freerunning and freestyle football – so why not try one of these out? Don’t let your mates get away with breaking their New Year’s resolutions – get them back in the game too.

Feeling good? Get out there and smash those 2018 fitness goals this year. Don’t forget to hit us up if you need any new sports gear before you get going.

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