New Music: Ariana And The Rose

2nd January 2019

The American star is set to make a sparkling impression in 2019. We caught up with Ariana to hear how her Christmas was and what’s in store for the year ahead…

The last time we caught up with you Ariana was last summer – tell us three new facts/revelations/anecdotes from the life of Ariana since then!

What a good question!

  1. Well, I dyed my hair white blonde – which for a brunette Italian girl is a life-long dream! I spent all summer with this silver/white hair and I’m not sure if all blondes have more fun, but I definitely did.
  2. I put out some new music! I put out a song called Lonely Star which I have been waiting to put out for a few months. The track is about finding your home, your tribe, your group of weirdos. It’s a really special one to me.
  3. I spent August traveling through Asia which was AMAZING! I went to India, Nepal and Bhutan and then stopped off in Dubai before heading back to New York. The whole trip was so emotional and inspiring. Getting to travel is something I’m really passionate about and feel very lucky to be able to do. It was absolutely once in a lifetime.

 What were you thankful for in 2018 just been?

I’m thankful for so many things. The year felt like it flew by and happened in slow motion at the same time. I feel the most grateful for all of the amazing people I have gotten to work with. The pace of life feels like it goes so fast these days and it’s so important to be reminded that ultimately everything is an experience coloured by the people around you. I feel very lucky to have the most amazing people around me, personally and professionally. I’ve gotten to create things with people I’m in awe of and spend my time off with people that make me laugh until my face hurts.

 It’s finally getting cold here in the UK…are you a winter girl?

I am NOT a winter girl. I love the summer. I love hot weather and the sun. With that said, I’d like to think my outerwear game is really strong and I love a good coat moment. I have a lavender floor length robe coat that I absolutely love. So, I’m always counting down the days to summer but I’m hopefully in a cute jacket with some hot chocolate while I do it.

 Best and worst things about Christmas – giving the London and NYC editions.


Best thing – mulled wine or cider walking through Winter Wonderland.

Worst thing – It gets so dark so early, you just want to stay in bed all day.

New York:

Best thing – The energy of the city just feels really festive. People are genuinely cheerier on the street, which goes a long way in New York.

Worst thing – so many tourists. It’s hard to walk around.

Best thing about both – The Christmas lights and decorations! I know some people may find it cheesy but I LOVE Oxford street and 5th Avenue all lit up. I love the store windows at Liberty and Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s so classic.

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If you could write your own panto, give us a brief (but fantastical) synopsis!

This is so fun! I would base mine on Peter Pan, it has all the perfect characters for this. Captain Hook would be played by an amazing drag queen, Peter Pan would be played by a woman and Wendy would be a gorgeous damsel in a night gown. The audience would have to help Wendy and Peter defeat Captain Hook and we’d pick a favourite audience member to be a part of the Lost Boys. It would be the most amazing panto ending with Peter and Tinkerbell flying over the audience throwing glitter on everyone.

Your latest single is called Night Owl – what does an owl get up to on a night out?

Well, if they’re making the right plans then they are at my galactic immersive concert, Light + Space! But if it’s just a typical night out, I think anything is fun as long as you’re with the people you can have a glass of wine and laugh with. And always wear a fabulous outfit because you never know where the night will take you!

New Year resolution?

Approach life more like Rihanna. Because she really is just living her best life!

More seriously, my resolution is to stay in the positive. My thoughts, my words, my actions, keep my energy in the positive. I think it’s a muscle that needs to be exercised and a skill that needs to be refined and has such a powerful impact.

 What can we expect from Ariana & The Rose in 2019?

Music! I’m going to be putting out so much music, I cannot wait. I’ve spent the last year really focusing on my live show and building our immersive events, so I’m really excited to be putting out a ton of new songs.

Wildest night out and experience you’ve had?

I went to a gorgeous wedding in Santa Barbara over the summer, it was July at this gorgeous house overlooking a valley, it felt like we were in Italy. I was with so many of my closest and oldest friends, we danced all night and then we went out to this amazing club afterward and kept dancing until the sun came up. There was a lot of tequila involved and I haven’t danced that hard in my whole life, it felt like magic.


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