Mens shorts for summer 2017

22nd May 2017

The true first sign of summer? When the first hero decides to break out his pair of shorts. You’re probably questioning Is it officially short season? Short shorts have been in for a while now, does that mean cargo is back in? Why did I skip leg day for so long?

But no need to work yourself into an anxious frenzy over short season. We’ve done the hard work for you and have put together this guide to the summer staple.


Short or long?

Not that you needed a reminder – but the choice really is yours.  Short shorts have been in for a while now but longer style shorts are making a comeback.

A pair of chino shorts makes it easy to add a tiny bit of smart to your summer look.  These are a great all-in-one solution that can do for a party on the beach, dinner and the bar.  There’s plenty of colour options and detail variations to fit any style. If it’s your first venture into the short shorts arena, you might want to play it safe with a neutral khaki or grey.  Feeling the summer vibes? Go for a pastel and pair it with a palm print or striped tee. Or why not mix your prints from top to bottom and choose a printed pair of chinos.

Never much of a short shorts guy? Or maybe you’ve done them for a few summers and need a change? With the rising trend of streetwear, cargo shorts are seeing a comeback.  The military trend is back – we’ll be seeing lots of cargo shorts with a full camo print paired with a longline tee this season.  Along with the more practical, baggier styles, we’re also seeing a reinvention of the style with slimmer fits and cleaner lines.

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To denim or not to denim?

A pair of denim shorts is one of the easiest ways to get a casual summer vibe. Length is crucial – you’ll want to go just over the knees to keep your style on point.  Anything in the middle looks a bit naff. And just like jeans, it’s not always about the traditional blue wash.  This season features a range of colours including white, grey and light blue. The key to making them look forever on point is nailing what you wear it with.  We love contrast, so we recommend pairing this casual style with something a bit smarter (but not too smart) on top.  We recommend a printed short sleeve shirt or a longer, lightweight shirt paired over a basic tee.  Add a pair of trainers and you’re ready for whatever summer has in store.

Does the sport trend in end summer?

Not at all. But again, the key is what you wear with it.  If you go to casual – a graphic tee or vest – you risk looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed.  Pair with a lightweight knit or smart sweatshirt and you’ll get some serious street style cred, while keeping it comfortable. We recommend sticking to a basic colour – black, white or grey – to keep the look premium.


Can I wear my swimwear all day, every day? 

Depends.  Going on holiday or just spending the weekend at the beach? Wearing swimwear 24-7 is totally fine.  A boardshort is an easy transition from day to night.  Go for ready to party, big photographic, tropic-inspired prints and pair with an equally bold statement graphic tee or vest. Or if you want to go for something that mirrors the men’s shorter short trends, try our premium water polo shorts – we’ve got plenty of colour options to suit your night out.   You can pair with a tee or vest – we recommend a crisp white for contrast or a lighter version of your swim short colour.

Not headed to or coming from the beach or a killer pool party? Not making your friends back home jealous with your amazing holiday photos? Then probably best to opt for one of the styles above.

So guys, there you have it.  Shorts for summer demystified. Now all you’ve gotta do is hit the gym and work on those calves.






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