How to introduce bodycon to your wardrobe

11th July 2017

If you’ve swiped left on bodycon in the past, it’s time to start up that relationship again. The bodycon dress is a hot look for whatever party you find yourself at this summer – perfect if you fancy showing off when your ex turns up or catching the eye of your crush.

We’ve moved on from the bandage looks of the 00s to lounge-worthy styles – with glam Bardot necklines – that can be worn whether you’re on that plane to somewhere sunny or partying in the back garden with your mates.

Ready to be schooled? Then here’s our round up on how to wear a bodycon dress and include the must have style on your clothes rail:

Main G80115XOSHow to wear a bodycon dress

Buy a bodycon dress. Put it on. Feel badass.

Any shape or size can work bodycon – so you shouldn’t feel afraid to embrace it for that summer of big parties, wedding crashing and letting loose on your trip abroad.

Where can I wear a bodycon dress?

Bodycon can work for just about every situation you find yourself in this summer. We recommend nabbing a bodycon dress in black – just to keep things simple and easy to style.

Here are just a few top suggestions of where to pull the bodycon out:

  • The summer wedding – Wear a basic bodycon dress in a midi length – with a strong fascinator and heels and you’ll get yourself in all the professional snaps.
  • The summer first date – Team with fashion trainers and a hoodie for a casual summer date look.
  • The beach party – Leave the sandals behind and dance barefoot in the sand, with just your bodycon dress and UV paint.
  • The office without AC – Bodycon is so comfy you’ll feel cool, even when the temperature turns up and the office air con isn’t on. Pair with a lightweight blazer for that big meeting.
  • The dancefloor – Dress jewellery and barely-there heels are great with a bodycon dress for long nights on the dancefloor – with salt sprayed hair and a glowing tan, of course.

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When can I wear a bodycon dress?

Whenever it takes your fancy.

Bodycon dresses are one of the easiest to dress up or down – chuck on sandals for casual beach style or pair with heels and get the contour out for a night on the town. Wear a strappy style over a lightweight t-shirt for grunge vibes or team with an oversized jumper and high top trainers for an easy travel look. You do you, boo.

Dress Out G80123XOS

How to introduce bodycon to your wardrobe

Dress vs skirt

The bodycon style is usually reserved for skirts and dresses, and you’re probably wondering which is best to give a go first if you’re just dipping your toe into the look.

Skirts allow you to ease yourself into the figure hugging style. Pair one with a lightweight cami and you’re good for the summer. It still lets you show off all the hard work you’ve done at the gym on the squat rack, but you won’t feel too exposed.

If you’re feeling mega confident, simply throw on a dress and work those curves. Heels can give you a little boost and plenty of us ladies swear by shapewear for a smooth look.

Take a cover up

Work your way up to the full reveal with a lightweight kimono this summer – wear this over your bodycon dress because who really trusts their phone weather app? Crochet knits are hot this year and give off that carefree summer vibe. Wear with strappy sandals and wavy hair and you’ll be set for those chill summer BBQs and warm evenings dancing in the crowd at festivals.

Not just for summer  

Bodycon dresses aren’t just for hotter days – throw one in to the mix when you’ve got to stick the heating on again and those balmy nights are a thing of the past. A bodycon dress over a pair of thick tights lets you carry on the look and a long sleeved style means you don’t have to worry about a jumper. Wear it for autumn bar hopping on a Friday night or with a big coat when you plan a boozy trip to that Christmas market later this year.

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