How to Personalise Your Jacket

30th August 2017


Don’t let anything hold you back when it comes to modifying clothes – a personalised jacket is a way of nailing your true everyday vibe, as well as being the ultimate Instagrammable item of clothing.

Whether you want to show off your rock band repertoire, pay homage to your fave films or just want a piece of clothing that’s a talking point when you head out – play around with personalisation.

Not quite an expert on DIY? Read on to check out our top personalisation tips:


Pick your jacket

  • Denim – It’s an easy to wear material that looks good with anything. You can do pretty much anything to denim too – sew it, dye it, paint it. Go wild.
  • Leather – Look like a boss in a personalised leather jacket, there’s nothing cooler than a bespoke rocker vibe.
  • Bomber – The staple of every transitional wardrobe, bomber jackets come in easy to amend materials so you can work whatever look you want into your wardrobe.

What to personalise your jacket with

The possibilities are endless really – but here are some of the easiest to get your hands on:

  • Beads, sequins or gems – just glue or sew these.
  • Needle and thread – get your embroidery game on.
  • Fabric paint – be the next Picasso…with a leather jacket.
  • Patches and pins – ready made designs you can choose.
  • Pompoms – ideal for adding a little fun.
  • Studs – rock on.
  • Patchwork – easy to slap on for original looks.
  • Fabric dye – so many options.
  • Cheese graters – no, really.

Pick your technique

We’ve got the lowdown on a personalisation style to suit you – whether you’re the creative sort or haven’t done a craft project in your life:


How to sew a patch on a jacket

Which jacket? Bombers, denim and leather.

If you’re not handy with an iron or just want to be sure there’s no way those patches are going to come off, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your spot – You want somewhere where people will see the design you’ve chosen but that also won’t be roughed up all the time by things like bag straps.
  2. If it’s an iron on…iron it on first. But don’t leave it there…
  3. The ironing will hold the patch in place while you grab a thread similar in colour to the outer edge of the design – You wanna make it look like it’s meant to be there.
  4. Use small stitches around the outer edge. They don’t need to be super close together – just use them to make sure the patch stays on.
  5. Knot in place and you’re done. Easy. *sassy lady emoji*


How to distress denim

Which jacket? Denim.

Denim looks so much better when it appears well loved. Here’s how to stress that denim jacket (in a good way):

The cheese grater method – We told you you’d need one of these. Grab a cheese grater and lightly rub this on areas of the jacket that are the most likely to see wear. Think elbows, shoulders, around pockets and where it sits on the waist. The grating will pull away that top layer and leave it looking well worn. Just give it a good wash after.

The sandpaper method – Not as rough as the grating, this is the best for a subtler but still a little worn look.

The scissors method – Create some frayed holes the easy way, grab a pair of sharp scissors and make small cuts in the jacket (we recommend at the back and maybe your chest) then grab the raw cut edges and pull to make it fray.

The bleach method – Bleach? That’s pretty full on, right? But all you need to do is grab an old spray bottle, mix a tiny amount of bleach and some water in this then take your jacket outside and give it a light spritz. The bleach will change the colour in places and give the denim that ‘been chilling in the sun’ vibe. Wash your jacket after, so the bleach doesn’t irritate your skin.


How to embroider

Which jacket? Leather, bomber, denim.

Embroidery might look like a fine art, but it’s actually pretty simple. Practice of course makes perfect but here’s how to nail that first attempt:  

  1. Choose a simple design – Try embroidering your name on the chest or a small outline of an easy to draw shape first.
  2. Use chalk to draw your design where you want it – So you can rub it off if it goes wrong (that flower might not look like a flower the first time).
  3. Carefully use small stitches to sew your design on – Work around your chalk outline with small running stitches in a bold thread color. Get fancy with glitter thread or neon.


How to stonewash

Which jacket? Denim.

This technique only works for denim but the results are worth grabbing a jean jacket for:

  1. Soak your jacket – Mix a salt and water solution together in a bucket, then throw your jacket in to soak for a couple of days.
  2. Wring the jacket out but don’t rinse it.
  3. Grab a pumice stone or some sandpaper and get rubbing – Give the jacket a good scrub, you’ll start to see some of the colour come off. Try to remove it in natural looking places.
  4. Dry your jacket out in the sun – Hang it properly to let it get back its shape.
  5. Enjoy.

Sound like too much hard work? Then we can hook you up with ready made styles that look personalised already – check out our men’s Rogue Patch Trucker Jacket or women’s Embroidered Sleeve Jacket. No sweat.

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