Finding the Perfect Jacket

23rd August 2016

We’ve all heard of hourglasses, pears and apples when it comes to body types for women, and there are plenty of articles on how to dress for these shapes – but what about the guys? Don’t they get something to guide them when it comes to making clothing choices?

With more and more men taking an interest in fashion and wanting to dress in styles that accentuate their shape, but with so little material out there on the subject, buying online can become a chore when it comes to picking up investment pieces that fit correctly.

This is why we’ve created this guide on how to choose the best jacket style for your body shape. We understand you guys come in all shapes and sizes, from the super athletic to those who have a slimmer frame – and there’s nothing wrong with either end of the spectrum!

Take a look at the following descriptions, decide which represents you best and pick out a jacket for later in the year that ensures you look sharp and protects you from the elements. Check it out below…



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