Which jacket suits your style?

1st September 2017

Even with all your summer awesome  plans – you just can’t trust the British weather.

British summertime is chilling outside at every opportunity when the sun arrives. Grabbing a cheeky ice cream from the van – even when its not that warm out. Embracing that cute new dress – when you know you’ll have to then brace yourself for rain in the early hours of the morning, when the night is nearly over.

That’s why the right jacket is critical – to ensure you look good and stay covered up when you need it most – whatever you get up to. It should also see you through when autumn arrives. Bonus.

Check out our round up of the best jackets for the months ahead – considering what style suits your everyday summer vibe, as well as how to choose a coat for your body type:

Additional Shot G50003AP

The all nighter 

What will you be getting up to?

Summer for you is all about seeing where the night takes you – with those spontaneous trips to the nearest wine bar that turn into dancing until your feet ache. When it comes to jackets you want something lightweight, that you can throw on and look good in all evening but that won’t keep you too warm when you’re grinding on the dance floor.

 What to wear – a leather jacket 

The leather jacket instantly adds a little luxe to a simple bodycon dress and a rocky vibe overall. A leather jacket in a bomber style design is casual enough for any situation but looks especially good if you like to pull all nighters. Leather works on everyone.

Dress Out G50009NPF4

 The BBQ queen

 What will you be getting up to?

Good with a pair of tongs? Never burnt a sausage in your life? BBQ at yours then this summer. But if you don’t have a fire pit handy you’re going to need something to throw on when your best mates hog the picnic blankets once night falls.

What to wear – a quilted jacket

We think you’d be well suited to a quilted jacket – warm enough for those chill evenings but still looks good over your summer maxi dress and sandals. It’s also the perfect transitional jacket for autumn.

Main G50002TOF1

The beer garden lover

What will you be getting up to?

Everyone loves a beer garden visit after work – these weekday trips always start with a couple of soft drinks and maybe a fruit cider, before you find yourself knocking back tequila shots and ordering a chunky burger by 10pm.

What to wear – a bomber jacket

If you’re the sort to dabble in a little school night mischief – then you’re definitely the type to rock a bomber jacket over your workwear for those easy summer evenings. They work with everything from a fitted dress suitable for client meetings to easy to throw on tailored trousers and a lightweight blouse. Swap the heels for fashion trainers once you log off to keep things laidback.

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The picnic planner

What will you be getting up to?

Summer isn’t over if you haven’t spent the day with picnic food and a bottle of Prosecco – hanging out with friends on a grassy patch. Grab a disposable BBQ to make the get-together go further, bring along a portable speaker for the tunes and you’re sorted. If you’re the type to put in the hours organising the Whatsapp group (we respect that) – you’ll definitely enjoy wearing an always smart/casual trench coat.

 What to wear – a pea coat 

Understated but still pretty – pea coats look amazing worn over cute skater skirts and cami tops for an easy summer look. Sliders keep things casual enough for a picnic – they can also be taken along on that summer hol you have planned with the girls. This style is the ideal choice if you’re looking for coats for petite figures too – as it accentuates your waist and the length creates the illusion of a longer body.

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 The ‘always the bridesmaid’ 

What will you be getting up to?

Catching the bouquet is just not for you.  You’re single and you like it that way.  That means flirting with cutest groomsmen…at every wedding. You’re go to is a smart jacket that looks good over the shoulders of every bridesmaid dress you’ve ever been forced to wear.

 What to wear – a pastel bomber

Pastel coloured bombers in jersey materials are your best bet and should suit your formal summer style perfectly. Think baby blue or pretty pink for easy to throw on wedding guest/bridesmaid looks.

Ready to nail jacket styling this summer? Hit up our women’s jackets section on the site and find your new favourite.