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28th February 2019

Call Me Loop has quite literally been on loop with us ever since hearing Silly Boy. Tipped by music gods including MTV as one of the most exciting new names in pop, we just had to get her in store and welcomed to the world of Superdry. Which is exactly what we did! Cue a Q&A about extravagant riders, Rihanna and silly boys!

What drives you loopy?
Loopy in a bad way? Slow walkers, bad manners, not getting enough sleep! Loopy in a good way? Pizza!

You fangirl Rihanna – tell us all the reasons why, and your one desert island song of hers?
Oh my god, how could you not? She is so fierce in every way. Such a strong figure of female empowerment, so much sass, so sexy, so business-savvy, such an amazing stage presence, such sick style, her Bajan accent… and she’s provided me with the soundtracks to my life. Desert island song… ah so hard to choose…I honestly can’t pick. If I had to pick an album it’d be Good Girl Gone Bad. Or Loud. No, Good Girl Gone Bad. God I miss her so much, when are we getting new tracks!?

You recently played at MTV’s mega exclusive music showcase, MTVPush. How does it feel being tipped for greatness alongside the likes of Madison Beer and Lizzo?
Amazing! It’s such a brilliant platform for artists, and the gigs are so intimate which is awesome. I’m a huge fan of Madison’s and am just obsessed with Lizzo so sharing the stage with them and having little backstage chats was a lot of fun. I’m really grateful to MTV for picking me as one of their Push artists!

When will you know you’ve ‘made it’?
I know my parents’ answer to this – when I perform on Graham Norton! Haha they love his show. For me…I honestly don’t know – the goal posts are always moving you know. But I mean, when RiRi knows I exist…then I’ll be like ‘ok I can retire now’.

What’s on your rider, and what would be on your OTT-diva version?
Popcorn (even though it’s the worst thing to eat before singing so I’ll try and save it for after the show), G&T tinnies, beers for the boys. OTT version would be the fanciest sushi in town, and huge 20-inch pizzas. And puppies, don’t forget the puppies!

Your music has all the best ingredients of pop! What makes it a priceless genre?
Thank you! Pop’s just the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t know why some people have such a chip on their shoulder about associating themselves with pop music. It’s essentially just what’s ‘popular’ right? I guess some people like to back away from the mainstream… but no I’m very much a pop girl through and through, always have been. Not to say that it’s all I listen to. But I’ll only ever make ‘pop’ music, for sure. I haven’t really answered your question at all have I, sorry for rambling haha! It’s a priceless genre because it’s always adapting, and it’s so broad – whether you’re getting ready for a night out with your friends or you’re at home heartbroken with a pizza, pop songs have got you covered.

Your new single is called Silly Boy. Give us the boy background and gossip on this at once!
Haha, so I was dating a guy at the start of last year and we both started off by stating ‘ok this is just casual, we’re both recently out of long-term relationships and neither of us want anything serious’ – but then we basically saw each other all the time and it got fairly un-casual pretty quickly. I was just really into him! But he ended it because it was getting too serious, and at the time I was just so frustrated, because I felt like he’d cut it off before it even had a chance to properly start. And he was using excuses that were pretty lame, so I used that frustration and turned into a fun, slightly patronising pop song! I win, haha!

What can we expect from your upcoming Drama EP?
A little insight into me and my relationship history! It’s 5 tracks that all show slightly different sides to me as a writer.
Business You’ve Heard, which shows off a more vulnerable side.
Silly Boy, the more fun and tongue-in-cheek characteristic.
Body Like Yours, the lead single, which I wrote with Hight – all very frank and conversational with the lyrics, with a big post-chorus!
Drama is a bit more of a stripped back acoustic vibe, but the lyrics are quite jokes, about my love of self-sabotage.
Association is the oldest song on the EP (wrote it over a year ago) and serves all the upbeat sass I have in me, talking about putting someone back in their place.

Biggest drama you’ve been involved in or encountered on a night out?
Oh god I don’t know…I don’t think I have been? Other than drunk arguments with boyfriends, and then frantically trying to get to the pizza shop before 2am!

We LOVE your sense of style – sum it up for the readers!
Why thank you. I’m a bit of an under-dresser in general. I’d always rather be too casual than too fancy. I like to mix a bit of a ‘girly’ vibe with a more sporty/grunge look usually. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up fancy too, but for the most part I’m a sweats and trainers kinda’ girl.

What did you pick out from Superdry, and how are you going to be wearing it?
I got a perfect little shaped black bomber which I’ve already worn like 20 times, with both casual day garms and also out with a dress and boots. I also got some oversized trackies which are perfect for chilling at home/Sunday strolls with a massive jumper on top. I got a couple of gym co-ords too which have both already made their debut appearances at my local gym. A bit of a case of ‘all the gear, no idea’! And a lightweight sheer white zippy hooded jacket which is perfect over a crop top.


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