Behind the Scenes at the Superdry Jacket Shoot

28th October 2016

Hey, its Hayleigh Jade here from @hayleighjm talking everything behind the scenes from Superdry’s new jacket shoot! A couple of weeks ago, I was brought behind the scenes of Superdry’s A/W’16 jacket video shoot, something that sounded very exciting to me. I hopped on my train down to Milton Keynes to the most incredible shoot location. They had chosen RAF Cardington, a location which has housed sets for some of the most well known films of the past 10 years, including the Batman franchise and Inception. It was incredible to be in such an amazing location, it had previously been used during WW2 and had since been converted into studios, making it the perfect location to shoot the video. The aesthetics were dark, mysterious and brooding, and that’s not just talking about the models!

jacket-shoot-26 jacket-shoot-302

When I arrived there was an army of jackets set up, rows and rows of the new collection lined up down the shooting area. From puffer jackets, to leathers, to tailored fit, all types of jackets within their new collection were on display in the background of the shoot.

It was so incredible to see the time and effort that goes into only a minute or so of video footage. A whole very talented film crew, incredible stylists and some gorgeous models, and then little old me on the side-lines observing… It was a huge eye opener into other aspects of the industry and what goes on behind the brand we all know and love as Superdry. It’s easy to walk in store and pick up a new jacket from the A/W collection, and have absolutely no idea that all this time and effort has gone into creating this video for you all. The shoot day lasted from around 6am to 9pm, that’s 15hours of round the clock work to showcase the gorgeous jackets for you all. I was beyond impressed.

jacket-shoot-221 jacket-shoot-353

At some points it felt like I was on set of an upcoming Hollywood action film with all the drones being used for filming, especially shots running down the stairs, with the camera flying up and down capturing every move. It was amazing to see and be a part of. The models were on and off set, capturing stills of the collection alongside acting in the video. It was also really nice to be able to spend the day talking to the film crew, models and stylists about how they were involved in the day, and really realising how much work goes into campaigns like this. I helped out when I could, but my skills were somewhat limited! I was the expert of looking after belongings while models were on set… (Talented I know right?!)

jacket-shoot-89 jacket-shoot-735

It was a long day, but one I thoroughly enjoyed and would do again in a heartbeat.  It was such an insight into the industry, and gave me such a huge appreciation of how much effort Superdry put into their campaigns to create amazing content for us as customers, hats off to you Superdry!

Make sure you check out the new collection as there are so many gorgeous pieces, and give the campaign video a watch.

I hope you enjoyed me giving you a peak into the behind the scenes for this exciting shoot, I definitely did!

Hayleigh x

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