AW19 Snow: Introducing Eddie Wall

19th November 2019

Ski season is here and we’ve teamed up with elite athletes to inspire you to hit the slopes. Meet Eddie Wall @eddiewalla former professional snowboarder who was on the influential teams of DC and Forum Snowboarders. In his career he featured in over 20 snowboarding films and stood on over 30 contest podiums including the US Open, Grand Prix and Vans Triple Crown. He now lives in Southern California and can never be found far from the slopes.

Eddie’s snowboarding tip

‘Visualisation for me was always a huge thing, just knowing that I could do the trick or had seen myself doing it in my head doing over and over again. And then that moment when you drop, if you’re doing it right then everything goes blank, and you’re not thinking at all and you’re just going through the motions that you already know you can do’.

Eddie’s snow style

Snowboarders need ski gear with flexibility, so it’s no surprise to see Eddie in mens ski gear made to brave harsh winter elements like snow, rain, and wind.

SD Mountain Jacket

This mens ski jacket is made with fastenings all over to ensure the snow stays out the heat stays in. Living in Southern California, it’s no surprise that Eddie brings a touch of bright surfer style to the slopes.

Ultimate Snow Rescue Jacketand Ultimate Snow Rescue Pants

Snowboard gear serves as the first protection layer from harsh winter elements like snow, rain, and wind. Our Ultimate Snow Jacket and trousers are designed with full tech and light insulation rating for serious mountain drops. Added bonus points for the camo that’s made to stand out.

Snow Tech Half Zip Hooded Jacket

When gearing up for the slopes, a professional snowboarder needs an extra layer to help regulate body temperature and this lightweight fleece is made for insulation.

Blizzard Snow Goggles

Made to champion the slopes these snow goggles featuring U.V. Protection, anti fog lens and cushioning face foam for when Eddie drops.

Ultimate Snow Rescue Glove

Co-ordination is key with these camo mens ski gloves, made in weather tolerant coated, highly breathable fabric with technical reinforced palms.

Find out more about Eddie @eddiewalland discover the Superdry Snow collection here. Don’t forget to share your style with #SDMyWay.

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