90s menswear trends that are cool for school

5th September 2018


Stand out in the crowds on the way to your next lecture by tapping into 90s menswear trends that have made a serious comeback in 2018. We’re talking Fresh Prince, *NSYNC, David Beckham and baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio as inspiration, here.


The 90s were the days of slicked back, hooped earrings and athleisure style, for guys in the UK. Football shirts reigned supreme and tank tops were embraced all year round. It’s an iconic era when it comes to fashion and while you might not want to replicate it exactly, there’s definitely elements to take away and add to your wardrobe.


Looking for some men’s fashion tips ready for when you’re back at Uni? Check out our round up below on the 90s trends that are cool for school – again.


Double denim


Double Denim Style


Once considered a brave move, double denim is now something all trendsetters play around with when it comes to pulling together a strong daytime look. Plus, Justin Timberlake’s iconic look is still one that hasn’t been beaten. You can skip the denim cowboy hat for uni though.


Simply throw together a denim jacket and slim fit blue jeans to nail this look. Jogger jeans that look like your typical denim are a great call for long days in classes – comfy and on trend. A shearling collar on your denim jacket breaks the material up and adds a little interest too. Wear with a plain white t-shirt, trainers and finish with a rucksack to carry everything you need for the day ahead.


Get the look

Hacienda Denim Jacket

Jogger Jeans

Low Pro Sneakers

Academy Freshman Backpack and Pencil Case



Casual tees and oversized shirts


Graphic T-Shirt Streetstyle by @alex.acht
@alex.acht knows how to rock a graphic t-shirt



Follow in the steps of several 90s icons and throw a graphic t-shirt under a checked shirt for an easy everyday look. Look for a t-shirt featuring a strong logo across the chest for that true, laidback 90s vibe.


This is the type of outfit seen on the likes of Kurt Cobain when he wasn’t wearing his striped jumper or the members of British band Blur on a night out. Pair with skinny (ripped) jeans and skater style trainers.


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Retro Stripe Box Fit T-shirt

Lumberjack Lite Shirt

Skinny Jeans




Pullover sports jacket


Jared Overhead Jacket


British boy bands loved a pullover sport jacket – paired with baggy jeans and a polo shirt. These jackets work as the statement piece in any look you pull together. Look for camo print styles to tap into the ever popular military trend, while still staying true to those 90s vibes.


Running trainers and a drawstring sports bag pull it all together for days sat in seminars. If you really want to tap into the 90s menswear trend, a hoop earring and slicked back hair wouldn’t go amiss either.


Get the look

Jared Overhead Jacket

Classic Cali Pique Polo Shirt

Oversized Taper Jeans

XL Drawstring Sports Bag


Pastel shades


Pastel pink hoodie style
French ski jumper @jonathan_learoyd shows us how it’s done with a pastel pink hoodie



The guys in 90s American sitcoms loved a pastel shirt. Lilac, mint, pink (salmon) – name a pastel shade they rocked it. Ideal for those uni days when you need to make a presentation or impress your tutor, pastel shades are the way to go.


Polo shirts in pastel shades are easy to wear and work into your everyday looks. Pair with cargo pants in a strong print – our marble camo design is ideal – and with sports trainers in a bold colour. Not a fan of a polo? A plain t-shirt under a pastel hoodie is a good alternative. Look for an oversized hoodie to nail another 90s trend – bigger is better when it comes to this era.


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Classic Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt

Surplus Goods Cargo Pants

World Wide Ticket Type Hoodie

Super Freesprint Trainers



Long sleeve shirts


Long sleeve shirt style


Oversized, long sleeve t-shirts with a bold sports logo emblazoned across the chest were a common theme with guys in the 90s. They’re the perfect transitional t-shirt, ideal without a jacket once autumn rolls around but easily layered up in the winter months. Pick out strong colours such as greens, reds and blues to let the long sleeve t-shirt do all the hard work.


Paired with baggy jeans, sports socks and sliders you’ll be serving up 90s menswear trends no problem.


Get the look

Orange Label Softball Ringer T-Shirt

Oversized Tapered Jeans

Striped Cali Socks Double Pack




Cargo trousers


Cargo trouser style
@aaronunknown rocks cargo trousers in true 90s style



With enough pockets to warrant leaving your rucksack at home – cargo trousers were a strong wardrobe staple in the 90s. Pair with a long sleeve t-shirt, fill the pockets with snacks and you’re good to go. Team with a cross body bag for for a quirky take on accessory style.


In the 90s, you’ll have witnessed grunge artists embracing these trousers – pairing them with oversized knits, worn t-shirts and tying checked shirts around the waist. Finish the look off with crisp white running trainers for a modern touch.


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Premium Goods Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Core Lite Parachute Pants

Invisible Pouch Bag

Hyper Core Runner Trainers


Ready to boss your first day back in September? Work these men’s fashion tips for those recurring 90s trends into your wardrobe to ensure you’re cool for school.



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