7 Minutes With Dan Crossley

11th December 2018

We recently caught up with the incredibly talented soulster Dan Crossley. We chatted about everything from Ariana Grande to Christmas, and his new single of course!

Hi Dan, please introduce yourself with a funny story from your year.

Hey, I’m Dan Crossley and gosh I can’t think of a funny story in particular from this year. Ah, I did slip and fall down the stairs the other day? I’m sure it was funny to others (and very painful for me!)

Your voice is amazingly soulful – are you an old soul at heart?

Thank you! I grew up listening to my dad’s collection of soul music and have always felt like that’s the only music that moves me. Yeah, I’d say I’m an old soul at heart. I feel like I’ve been through quite a lot in my 22 years so I’ve gained some wisdom along the way.

Who are your musical inspirations – being sure to throw in some unexpected ones!

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sia. I’m also a huge fan of early 2000 melodies and live for a key change. Where did they go?!

Your new single is called 7 Minutes – can you give us a minute by minute account of what the song and video is all about?

7 Minutes is a song I wrote from a very honest place as it’s about the time I fell for my first love. They happened to be with someone else and even though I knew that they would be bad for me, I couldn’t help myself and went ahead with it. So the first minutes of the video kind of sets the scene, we’re at a party, very dark and mysterious as I guess that represents the general emotion and ambiance in the room. You see us locking eyes whilst they are together and it just gets more and more steamy throughout, which is basically an account of the night!

What do you spend your precious time doing when you’re not working?

I’ve just moved house and I’m luckily to have a little home studio so I’ve been spending every last second writing music.

If you could go back in time, where would you time-hop to?

I would definitely love to head back to the 90’s – Pop music has never been the same!

Enough of the timely puns (for now), let’s talk Ariana Grande’s new music video, as everyone else is! Thoughts on her Mean Girls homage, and what films would you recreate in a vid of your own?

I mean, it’s about time someone did it! The movie is such a classic! I find people (including myself) still quoting the movie – I mean it’s hilarious to see how many people post an ‘October 3rd’ meme on October 3rd. Haha. Ariana is such an incredible artist and this video is everything! If I was to recreate any movie in a music video it would have to be Grease.

It’s December which means it’s almost Christmas, and you turned on the street lights with a performance at Putney last week! Did you give in to singing a festive track, and if so which one?

I mean it would have been rude not to right? I totally gave in and paid tribute to the amazing George Michael with ‘Last Christmas’.

7 favourite things about Christmas?

Family time, Christmas movies, mulled wine, the over indulging, decorating, shopping, pub culture.

7 worst things about Christmas?

Christmas jumpers, Instagram stories of presents, snow, dark nights, dark mornings, weight gain haha!

Your Instagram feed is enviously artful! How would you sum up your aesthetic, on a fashion front and also life in general?

Thanks! I would say less is more so I like to keep my look quite simple. It never used to be but recently I love to keep everything quite minimal then have a statement piece which really over rides a whole look. For instance I would wear some black skinnies, a black T-shirt with a massively oversized Superdry Camo Jacket. Also, you can’t ever go wrong with a leather jacket – classic! As for my Instagram I’d say I’m very particular. I’m slightly OCD with my feed and try and keep everything on brand. For example, if the colour scheme doesn’t fit it will drive me a bit crazy so I’ll delete it and start again.

You visited Superdry recently and we loved having you. What did you pick out from the store, and what’s your before and after impression of Superdry?

I went in with an open mind and definitely knew it’s about how you wear certain things. But after visiting the store there’s just so much to choose from and some of the pieces really surprised me. There’s still so many things I want to get my hands on, including the amazing trainers!

What’s in store for Dan Crossley in 2019?

Hopefully a bunch of live shows and festivals! I’ll be releasing the remainder of my EP ‘Closure’. I can’t wait for you to see/hear everything!


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