Your Glastonbury Fashion Guide

23rd June 2016

From festival essentials to headliners, get the latest lowdown here…

The first day of summer was on Monday; it rained, and was generally miserable. Boo. Good news though guys! The latest reports say that there may be the odd shower but glorious sunshine can be expected at Glasto this year.

Those of you lucky enough to get a ticket will know that Worthy Farm opened its gates yesterday. There’s 170,000 people expected to be heading to Somerset to party with some of the world’s best bands. So, let’s get on with it and take a look at this year’s amazing headliners!


The Devon rock band is in the middle of a massive 131-date world tour. We’re hoping to hear some of their hits, like Hysteria and Uprising. We wonder if we’ll see more of the drone that they’ve had on tour with them?


Having come under heavy criticism for being too boring to headline Glastonbury, Adele replied; “And to the people who say I am too boring to headline, you’re more fu@%ing boring for moaning about me headlining.” High five Adele! She’s ready – we’re ready, and we already know she’ll be flawless.


Glastonbury is going to be a highlight of Coldplay’s sell-out UK tour. We can’t wait to hear Hymn For the Weekend with the crowd singing their hearts out, and we’re hoping for a cool light show, too. We’ve heard some exciting rumours from their Wembley shows!

Tips and advice for festival folk

We’re sure you’re running around trying to grab the last minute things, if you’re not already on the way that is! Here is our list of things you need for Glasto that you’ve most likely forgotten.

  •  Sturdy water bottle – If you’ve got a bottle you can take advantage of the dozen of taps around Worthy Farm!
  • Backpack – Not your hiking bag, but a backpack. Carry drinks around, food, essentials and your waterproof.
  • Head torch – This really will be your best friend when trying to find something in your tent after day two.
  • Portable phone charger – Fellow iPhone users, we are used to the dead battery catastrophe! Make sure you charge it fully beforehand, and use it as sparingly as possible!
  • Wet wipes – Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to brave the showers on the farm. So wet wipes are a great alternative!


Glasto is basically one big catwalk in terms of fashion, but there are three tips you should definitely follow when dressing for festival season.

  1. Be comfortable – you’ll be dancing for hours, so leave the wedges at home. Plus wedges don’t work that well in puddles of mud.
  2. Wear something unique – Accessorise, face paint, head pieces -the lot. Go and express yourself!
  3. Look good – You’ll be in lots of photos, whether you plan to be or not! Get your festival outfits ready before you go. Check out our favourite pieces below!


Perfect festival cool with these comfy trainers, sunnies to keep the glare out and a playsuit for easy dancing!


Retro Sport High Top Trainers | Pussy Cat Sunglasses

glasto 3

Eivissa Kimono Top | Peekaboo Print Playsuit 


Shirts, shorts and sunnies, guys, what more could you need at a festival?!


Low Pro Sneakers | Hawaiian Pocket T-shirt

PicMonkey Collage

Rookie Military Blazer | London Loom Shirt

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