Which Winter Coat Should You Choose?

21st November 2017

Got big plans for the season ahead? Planning on taking your winter coat with you, wherever you end up? Then you need to check out our quiz, which can help you decide which style is the best choice for you.

We’ve gone old school, with a flow chart reminiscent of the ones you used to enjoy in those old teen magazine – that you can follow to find the right outerwear. Start with the first question and keep choosing the option that speaks directly to you, until you finally get to the end. You might even discover something new about yourself too.

It won’t be a clear path to the finish line though, you might end up going back on yourself and round before you arrive at the final destination – but that’s what makes it so fun.

The jacket you finally choose depends entirely on your personal style, your partying preferences and what you actually want to use it for this winter. Maybe you’re more of a wine and pyjamas with friends kinda person once the cold sets in, or you’re packing your bags and boarding a plane to a new city for the weekend – whatever you’ve got planned your coat needs to match.

If you love a club night – you’ll probably end up recovering on your mate’s sofa with a down jacket to keep you warm or maybe you’ll end up planning a brisk 5K with a quilted jacket in tow. If you’re all about lining up the Tinder dates then you’ll want a jacket that looks good but does the job too – you don’t want to go stealing your new potential beau’s coat on the first night.

It’s time to check out the quiz below, answer truthfully and discover which jacket is right for you this season.

Superdry Jackets Flowchart

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