The Winter Jacket Temperature Gauge

1st November 2017

Winter means days with a chill and long nights – but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to style.  During the winter months, your jacket becomes a part of your identity.  Wakeup. Rave. Sleep. Repeat. We’ve got the jacket to get you through.

You’re going to need the right jacket to see you through those darker days and colder nights – no matter what you’re getting up to. If it’s November and you’re hanging out in front of a bonfire, you’re probably going to want a mid-weight jacket like a windcheater. If things have heated up – hey, it could happen – you’ll probably be safe with a bomber.

Down jackets are there for if things really get cold – for the long walk home after the pub or for heading outside at the first sign of snowfall. The perfect winter jacket will go with you wherever you go and get you through whatever you get up to.

Still unsure? Well then, we’ve put together a temperature gauge, which should take any hasty decision making out of the equation. We’ve also broken down what’s so good about each jacket style to help you make that final big decision about whether it’s The One for you. We’re all about finding you the right jacket to see you through.

And if all else fails – treat yourself to one of each.  We mean…it’s always good to be prepared, right? Check out the image below and find your perfect jacket. 

Winter Coat Infographic




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