What To Look For In a Winter Jacket

3rd November 2017

Winter is coming? Nah, it’s basically here.

With the shorter nights, the heating turned up and the major shivering when you leave a bar at 3am – you’ve got to think about your outerwear. But no worries, we’ve got the goss on what to look for in that winter parka jacket.

The Ultimate Jacket For Winter – The Parka Jacket

Get ready for nights spent in outside bars because they serve the best measures. For last minute raves in your best mate’s garden until the neighbours shout about it. For seeing your breath when you leave the house for a big night.

If this is on the agenda, you’re gonna want plenty of padding, a decent hood and cuffed sleeves to keep the cold out – and a parka jacket ticks all the boxes.

What is a parka jacket?

This longer length, hooded jacket, is the boss of winter wear. It usually features a faux fur lined hood and big pockets, as well as a high fastening collar for extra warmth. If you’re in the game for a new jacket women’s parka coats and parkas for men are a winner.

What to wear with a parka jacket?

Parka jackets work with your whole wardrobe. It’s a jacket that speaks for itself. Try on these three looks for size, this season:

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Wear your parka jacket with:

  1. Denim mini skirt, check shirt, slouchy tee – Seeing friends? This low key outfit works well with a parka. Wear the check shirt tied around your waist and add some patches to your denim for a strong, personalised look. Wear your parka open over the top.
  2. Skinnies, cropped jumper and ankle boots – Wear this to work on a casual Friday and keep it on for drinks when 5.30 rolls round. Throw on your parka jacket and a chunky scarf for easy desk to drinks style.
  3. Thick tights, LBD and heeled boots – Expecting a catch up to turn into a night out? Keep your parka jacket close by and stay warm walking to the bar.

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Grab these pieces from your wardrobe to wear with your parka jacket:

  1. Joggers, plain t-shirt and bold coloured layers – The parka does all the talking in this look but pair it with grey joggers and a plain tee, plus a fluoro colour hoody or sports jacket underneath that should turn heads.
  2. Check shirt, blue jeans, ankle boots – First date? Pull this look together and top off with a parka for smart/casual style.
  3. Chunky jumper, skinny jeans, oversized boots – Planning a trip down the footie then a catch up down the pub after? Add a parka jacket for when your team isn’t doing great and you want to hide in the hood.

How to layer with a parka jacket

Basically the Arctic out there? Layering always works out well. Here’s how to wear a parka jacket feat. layering pieces already in your wardrobe:

  1. Your fave hoodie under a parka jacket is a strong look. Leave the hood hanging out – of course, over the faux fur. Ensure the hood is sitting high up on your shoulders, you want it to make an impact.
  2. Don’t put the denim jacket away. Leave your parka open and embrace that blue jean style underneath. Add a check shirt tied round your waist and throw on a slogan beanie.
  3. An open parka jacket with blue jeans and a collared shirt – collar turned up – is a strong look for nights spent leaning at a bar.
  4. Girls, pair a roll neck jumper with a dungaree dress and finish with a parka jacket and chunky oversized scarf.

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What is the difference between a parka and a jacket?

Not much, a parka is simply a longer length version of your usual winter wear – meaning it keeps you even warmer. It should feature enough padding for it to double up as outerwear and a duvet for a last minute crash at your mates overnight situation.

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The best parka jackets from Superdry

For the girls

The SD-L Parka Coat

This is the jacket to be noticed in. With its faux fur trim in a variety of pretty unusual colours – including pink and blue – you’ll be wearing this jacket every time you leave the house.

Rookie Oversized Parka Jacket

The camo print on this parka jacket won’t make you blend in. It’s the perfect piece of outerwear and works for every situation – whether you want to stay warm at a house party or are off on a road trip with your girls.

Glacier Parka Jacket

Lots of padding and a strong faux fur hood make this the perfect winter parka jacket. You could go on a winter hike in this jacket to work off a hangover or keep warm on a Saturday high street shopping trip. Go for red to tap into this season’s latest colour trend.

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For the guys

SD-3 Parka Jacket

This parka jacket fits in all the right places – great if you’re a fan of arm day – and the drawstring waist keeps things snug. The faux fur trim is removable on the hood, which means it can be swapped and changed for every occasion.

Rookie Heavy Weather Parka Jacket

Add a little interest with some camo print. This jacket looks great with blue jeans and white trainers for weekend afternoons chilling in pub corners or walking to meet your mates for a kick about.

Faux Fur Trimmed Everest Coat

This quilted parka coat should see you through a cold night and we recommend nabbing it in a tan shade to add a little interest to your coat selection. With a super padded design and ribbed cuffs to keep in the warmth, you won’t want to take this parka jacket off this winter.

What to look for in a parka jacket

No structure – Oversized is a game changer

Loose fits and throw on styles are here to stay. The bigger the better – and warmer too. These look great worn open with an oversized scarf. You want a jacket that dominates your look this season – no matter what you’re doing. Ideal for low maintenance days – when you want to look that’s on point with minimal effort.

Bigger is better pockets – Leave the bag at home

Lose the baggage – don’t be held back by a big ass bag.

Embrace a parka jacket with enough pockets to keep everything close by and easy to access. Phone goes in the inside pocket. Cards get zipped up close to your chest. House keys are never lost in a side pocket – so you’re not locked out later when everyone’s gone to bed. Easy.

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Faux to the fur – Add a little luxury with fur trims

Faux fur is luxury, warmth and good looking style all at once and parka jackets usually feature it. Faux fur hoods are easy to wear and elevate your selfie level instantly.

We’re loving bold colours this season. Think pink, blue, black and grey – check out our SD-L Parka Coat or SD-3 Parka Jacket for inspo. Plus, no cute furries were harmed in the making of our parka jackets. Never ever.

Heads up – Go for a decent sized hood

Worked hard on your hair this morning? Leave the beanie at home.

Larger hoods that hang over your face keep things dry at all times – and are also perfect for a bit of privacy for a cheeky kiss at the end of the night, with that new beau.

Whatever the weather – Choose the right size   

Buy your parka jacket in a bigger size – so you can wear one over a thick jumper for really cold days. All weather style – done.

Zip up look sharp – Ditch the buttons

Zips are quicker, easier and don’t take over a jacket’s style. Try and have a little fun with colour though – look for contrasting zips on your parka jacket that make a khaki or black option just a little more interesting. Colour detail on the pockets and jacket lining is worth looking out for too. A strong orange or a bright green is a good call.

Statement style – Prints are in

Khaki and black are always strong but push your limits this season. Opt for a print instead.

Look for a jacket style that will get you noticed and let it do all the hard work – black jeans and a plain tee keep things simple to style.

Up your accessory game

Got the parka jacket nailed? You need some supporting players.

This season keep an eye out for:

  • Logo beanies – Your street style just got an upgrade. We’re loving ribbed beanies featuring strong logo designs.
  • Baseball cap – Not just for summer, baseball caps are great for rainy days when you don’t want to deal with an umbrella.
  • Checked scarves – It’s a classic accessory. Grab an oversized style to double up as a blanket, when you’re sat out by bonfires in the dark.

The parka jacket checklist

Tick these things off when you’re shopping for your new parka jacket:

  • Lots of pockets
  • Oversized fit  
  • Non-structured style
  • Large hood
  • Bold print or colour
  • Faux fur
  • Zip up fastening

Ready to go? Check out our range of men’s parka coats and women’s parka coats here on the site first.