What to wear to your next spring wedding

25th April 2018

What you wear to a spring wedding should reflect your personal style and make you feel confident – whether you’re there all day or just for the evening.

This quick guide should help you pull the right look together and sort what you need. Before you go too crazy on your next online shop, there are some things to double check first. Now you just need to sort a date.

What to ask before buying a spring wedding outfit

Is there a theme?

Themes are a big trend for the modern wedding, and brides and grooms often encourage guests to get involved with outfits that match. Check the invite – if it’s a black tie or masquerade style do, you’ll need to pick out a look to work with it.

What are the groomsmen wearing?

Twinning has no place at a wedding. It’s a good idea to avoid wearing the same colour accessories or suit than the groomsmen – if you aren’t part of that group. Rocking up in a grey suit with a purple tie that looks just like theirs is going to feel real awkward later.

Where is the wedding?

The location obviously makes a huge impact on your ensemble.If it’s a beach wedding, you may be able to get a way with shorts. Marquee in the middle of a field? Your shoes need to fit the part. Double check where the venue is first before making your decision and ensure you’re dressed for the location.

What’s the weather going to do?

Yeah, you’ll probably be inside for most of the day but you still want to wear something that’s either going to keep you cool when the temperature rises or keep you covered if it’s wet or cold. Spring is a tough time of year to predict but here’s how to piece together the perfect spring wedding look.

shirt for wedding

What to wear to a spring wedding

A lightweight suit

You don’t want a suit that’s too heavy – as spring usually means warmer days. Be bold and consider mixing and matching colours – maybe pair a blazer with slim fit chinos in a beige or grey colour.

There’s no need to go for a three-piece style if you’re a wedding guest. Stick to just a blazer, shirt and trousers plus whatever accessories you fancy dressing it up with.

summer shirt wedding

A standalone shirt

Don’t let your suit carry you all day – pick a shirt that can stand on its own too. It could be a bolder colour – think blush pink or purple – or a strong print.

Swap your tie for something bolder

Keep things classy and ditch the classic tie. Grab one of these instead:

  • Bow tie – Smart, simple and a little quirky, these are the best choice if you fancy leaving the usual neck tie behind.
  • Neck scarf – Choose one in a subtle print and tie this around your neck in a knot. Or, wear it under your shirt, poking out at the top in an Ascot style – be sure to leave a couple of buttons undone.
  • Bolo tie – Macklemore and Bruno Mars are huge fans of this trend. This ‘tie’ is more like a necklace that sits below your collar and features some sort of stone or pendant detail with hanging tassels.
  • Collar chain – These accessories are very popular with a pin or clip you can snap on each of your collar points and a chain hanging between. They come in a huge range of styles – look for an independent illustrator or design on a site such as etsy for an original look.

Pocket handkerchief or buttonhole?

If you’re there as a friend or have been invited with your partner stick to the pocket handkerchief but if the bride and groom are family or close friends there’s no harm in wearing a buttonhole. You can buy artificial ones ready made – or speak to a florist.

Go for brogues

While you can’t go wrong with black boat shoes – brown or tan brogues are a good call for a spring wedding. They’re just a little bit more low-key with a fresh spring vibe. And they look great with shorter or rolled up trousers – we’re all about showing off a bit of ankle.

What colour suit should you wear to a spring wedding?

Still going for a classic suit? Here are your options when it comes to colours:

  • Navy – This smart blue looks great in spring, pair it with a pastel shade tie and a white shirt to tap into those seasonal shades.
  • Grey – Choose something on the lighter end of the scale – you want a brighter grey for the fresh, spring vibe.
  • Pastel – Feeling bold? A baby blue, lilac or pastel green suit will definitely turn heads and looks great for spring. Try not to upstage the bride though.

What if the wedding is informal?

If the bride and groom are going for a lowkey event, you can definitely pull together a relatively smart look with a polo shirt and chinos. We’ve got an in depth guide on how to wear a polo shirt here on the site and what to look for when it comes to wearing one for a smarter event.

If that’s too dressed down for you a long sleeve shirt – minus the blazer and tie – is a good call.

Can you wear black to a spring wedding?

Yeah – of course. A black suit looks good no matter what the occasion. Maybe add a little spring touch with a subtle printed tie or a pocket handkerchief.

Ready to boss that spring wedding? Pull together an outfit that works with your vibe and look great in those candid professional photos on the dance floor.