Waterproof jackets – Resist the rain in style

25th September 2019

Shopping for waterproof clothing doesn’t have to be complicated. This season, we’ve made it easier and more stylish than ever to keep dry no matter what the weather with a collection of Hydrotech waterproof jackets for men and women with the integrated technical details that make all the difference. Whatever you have planned this season, keep dry in style with the lightweight waterproof jackets that give you all the protection you need.

Superdry waterproof jackets – It’s all in the details

Technically designed and made, this season, our Superdry men’s and women’s waterproof jackets don’t just look good, they work too. Whether you’re taking a trip into adverse weather conditions and need some serious protection or you just like to keep super-dry during the autumn and winter months, these are the details that make these the best waterproof jackets ever:

  • Water-resistant
  • Taped seams
  • Coated zips
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Adjustable hood
  • Hook and loop cuffs
  • Multi-pockets

Water-resistant finish

Water-resistant to up to 10,000mm of water, these waterproof jackets are serious about resisting the elements – quite literally no matter what you throw at them. Designed to repel even the heaviest of downfalls, the fabric looks just as good whether it’s dry or soaked. In a range of different colour palettes, you’ll find the fit, style and colour that works for your style.

Taped seams

Never heard of taped seams? This is what locks every inch of water out of your jacket to make sure your clothing beneath is 100% protected. Our waterproof coats all have taped seams to make sure even the seams throughout the designs of the jackets remain water-tight.

This technical specification helps to keep the garments completely waterproof by sealing all stitch holes throughout the seams. Thermal tape is applied with heat during the production of each jacket covering every single stitch hole at the seams and therefore, ensuring a complete top to bottom waterproofed finish.

Coated zips

Alongside our technical taped seams, our waterproof jackets feature coated zips through the front plackets and pockets. Helping to repel water in even the heaviest rainstorm, coated zips are crafted with a PU coating to keep water out of the jacket and pockets whatever the weather.

Lightweight fabric

Crafted in lightweight and breathable fabric, our waterproof jackets balance comfort and dryness with style to allow you to remain at your ideal temperature even when on the go. Heat-resistant and durable, expect your jacket to last the distance and work for you in even the most adverse of weather conditions.

Adjustable hood

Giving you options for every weather pattern and activity, you’ll find our waterproof jackets also come complete with a bungee cord adjustable hood as standard. Allowing you to leave the hood loose while not in use, the technical bungee detailing lets you quickly change your mind, adjusting easily for a snug fit around the face as and when you need that extra protection.

Hook and loop cuffs

Making sure every inch of your waterproof jacket fits to perfection and keeps any trace of water out, we’ve also added technical hook and loop adjustable cuff detailing to the sleeves. Sturdy and strong and yet easy to adjust, the hook and loop cuffs allow you to quickly and smoothly alter the fit of your sleeves for ultimate comfort and dryness.

Let your jacket work to suit your layers with the quick and simple hook and loop giving you the option for a snug or loose fit depending on the weather.

Multiple pockets

You won’t even need to take a backpack with you on your excursions with the pocket details we’ve added to our range of waterproof jackets. From square cargo-style pockets with all the space you need to internal zip pockets for all your essential valuables, keep everything safe and dry with the integrated pocket detailing on these jackets.

Machine washable

Making life just that little bit easier, we’ve made sure our waterproof jackets are easy to wash and dry no matter how crazy the weather gets. Machine wash at 30 degrees and allow the lightweight fabric to air dry for the perfect, fresh result.

Men’s waterproof jackets

The men’s Hydrotech waterproof jacket comes in classic navy blue or an on-trend pop of orange. Packed with the technical details that up the stakes when it comes to quality, this is a favourite for explorers, outdoor lovers and those who refuse to let the weather dictate lifestyle.

Take it up a notch and try the men’s Hydrotech ultimate jacket which includes a super-warm quilted inner lining or opt for an on-trend waterproof parka jacket for a street style-inspired take on the look.

Women’s waterproof jackets

In a range of colours from sleek black to bright bursts of yellow, the Harpa waterproof jacket makes outdoor winter dressing easy. Complete with the waterproofing details that make our jackets better than ever, style it with anything from denim to a head to toe water-resistant look.

Need a little extra warmth? Opt for the women’s Alvia waterproof jacket which features an added quilted inner lining for water resistance that comes with a snug finish. Don’t get caught out without the best waterproof jacket this winter. Shop the Superdry ranges for men and women and find a look that serves your needs while giving you the comfort and dryness that protects the rest of your clothing. Whatever you have planned this season, we’ve got you covered.

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