Valentine’s Day revenge bod

14th February 2017

A revenge body isn’t about changing yourself for another person, it’s about picking yourself up, taking control and most importantly looking and feeling great whilst you do it.

And why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be the best you that you can be. Our Superdry sport range gives you the confidence and flawless gym style to start this ‘new’ you from the inside out.

And why not give a bit of side eye to your exes while you’re at it?

lottie murphy

@lottiemurphy’s figure isn’t necessarily a revenge bod but it’s certainly revenge bod goals.  Photo credit: @richmaciver

When it comes to workouts we all have a different approach. Uniting everyone is the need for the motivation to actually do something. Turning those bad vibes into something positive that drives you and gives you a healthy new focus is a perfect solution to this and creates a healthier mentality. Our Yoga range is great for helping to accomplish good vibes and clear minds.

It’s important to start small and make realistic goals but what’s so great about a revenge body is when will power isn’t enough to keep on, your motivation and drive will kick in!

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Feature image photo credit: @fernandazorzal