Top 5 fitness trends for 2019

4th March 2019

Maybe you spent January and February trying to get into a new fitness routine that just didn’t stick. That means it’s time to look for something new.

We’ve been hearing whispers of some awesome classes and fitness trends for 2019 that are a little more fun than staring into space on an elliptical machine. We swear you’ll be telling your friends all about them – just like you would a first date or a night out.

Top fitness trends in 2019


  • Wellness festivals – Love music? Love fitness? Combine the two this year.
  • Nutritionist apps – Move over regular food tracking apps, innovative new ones are on the scene that look at your diet and what you’ve input that day then recommend what other nutrients you need.
  • Shorter workouts – We are NOT upset about this. Shorter workouts – 45 minutes is the new hour – are going to be seen in gyms up and down the country.
  • Virtual training – New tech means you get to do a class run by a world-class trainer from your local gym.
  • Exercise tracking – We’re already loving the fitness tracker but more accurate tech is entering the playing field.


Grab tickets to a wellness festival

We love the idea of self-care and a wellness festival is the ultimate experience. Combining fitness, great tunes and a fun atmosphere, these gems are taking place throughout the year, all over the UK. Lovefit is a popular one, as well as Festival No.6 which focuses on yoga and outdoor activities and Soul Circus. You’ll have access to tasty grub that’s good for you – no dodgy festival burgers here – sweaty workouts every day to get the blood pumping and mindfulness experiences from yoga to meditation classes.

Try a focused nutrition app

You may track your food already but this year try tracking your food and seeing what your body is missing. Apps such as Healthspan take the data you input and suggest other vitamins and nutrients you need to feature in your diet to ensure you’re getting everything you need.

Workouts are getting shorter

Gone are the days of the hour and a half class, when you check the clock every five minutes and want to cry. Workouts are being compacted into 45-minute slots – great to squeeze in some exercise on a lunch break if you can – and have a high-intensity training focus to ensure you’re still burning those calories.

Virtual classes are being introduced all over

In gyms and in living rooms, virtual classes are proving popular. Similar to following a trainer on a DVD like you did as a teenager, these track your progress via the machine you’re using to ensure you’re not slacking off and react appropriately.

Les Mills is offering these virtual options and they’re great because you get access to some of the most incredible trainers you’d likely have never had the pleasure of sweating with. They’ll be transported to your gym’s studio via a cinema style screen to get your body moving.

Tracking just got technical

It’s likely you’re wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist as you read this but more innovative tech is entering the scene. Accuracy is now key, with sleep, calorie, water, workout and fitness level tracking expected as standard. Expect granular breakdowns of everything your body has done throughout the day. We’re not sure if it’s a good or bad thing…

Fitness classes to try in 2019


  • F45 – The cooler cousin of CrossFit has made its way to the UK.
  • Treadmill classes – No longer the machine you turn to when you don’t have a routine, whole classes will be focused around running this year in tailor-made studios.
  • Aerial yoga – Definitely a whole body workout, aerial yoga sees you suspended and improving your flexibility.
  • Boxing still reigns – Stress relieving and muscle building, boxing is still a heavyweight contender for the best overall fitness workout.
  • Parkour – Specialist classes will get your heart racing and feeling pretty damn cool all at once.


womens gym outfitmens gym outfit

An Aussie influence

You’ve heard of CrossFit but a new breed of this high-intensity training is on its way. All the way from Australia, F45 is being slowly introduced in some of the biggest gyms in Europe this year. The F stands for functional and the 45 is how long the classes last – just enough to get you panting but not too much to leave you half dead. We promise you’ll fall in love with working out – once the muscle ache is gone. You can find a studio that offers it here.

What to wear to an F45 session:

Something fitted that is moisture wicking and won’t get in the way. Leggings, sports bra for the ladies and a form-fitting top are your best option.

womens blue and green gym outfitmens black and grey gym outfit

Treadmills are trendy

You probably use the treadmill now when you’re not feeling the weights but this year it’s stealing the show when it comes to classes. Running classes that don’t rely on the weather are proving popular and treadmill focused studios are setting up all over the UK. If you wanna give it a go, go all in and try out a Barry’s Bootcamp, this treadmill class features cardio on the machine followed by weights, floor work and TRX for an all-body workout. It’s a favourite of the Kardashians.

What to wear to a treadmill class:

Good, supportive trainers, your comfiest running gear and minimal layers – it’s going to get sweaty.

womens black yoga outfitmens yoga outfit

Yoga is up in the air

We’ve all done the downward dog. Tried to master the cobra. But have you ever considered yoga in the air? Aerial fitness is a 2019 trend that you need to try. Suspended in the air, you use your whole body to maintain poses while holding on tight to silks, a hoop or slings. Look into classes from the likes of Flying Fantastic who have a range of locations across London.

What to wear to an aerial yoga class:

Sportswear that fits snug – you don’t want to get your clothing caught on the silks or in the hoop. Leggings are best to avoid friction burns when moving around on the equipment.

womens boxing outfitmens boxing outfit


Move over boys, the girls are in the ring. Plenty of boutique boxing studios are popping up with celebrities joining in on the trend. Boxing can reduce anxiety/stress, plus it’s super empowering. We recommend Kobox in London, which is deemed part fight club, part night club.

What to wear to a boxing class:

Sportswear that’s breathable but easy to move in to ensure your right hook isn’t hindered.


womens parkour outfitmens parkour outfit


Thought to be the sphere of adrenaline junkies and stuntmen, parkour classes are now offered to us mere mortals. Parkour Generations offers classes for all abilities and sessions focused on specific skills.

What to wear to a parkour class:

You need to move freely when attempting parkour and it’s best to cover up to in an attempt to avoid scuffs and scrapes while tackling those jumps and tucks.

Want to up your fitness game in 2019? Try out these trends and look good doing it with the Superdry Sport range for men and women.

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