Dangerous Behaviour with Tiggi Hawke

15th December 2017

Tiggi Hawke is the latest electro angel that’s set to light up the charts in 2018. With the release of her latest single Dangerous Behaviour, we caught up with the singer to talk all things naughty and nice for Christmas.


Q: Introduce yourself in a bizarre way, please.

Aloha! I’m Tiggi Hawke, Londoner, singer/songwriter, Star Wars nerd, tea addict and pizza enthusiast.


Q: What are your musical dreams and ambitions?

I’d love to do bigger and bigger tours, travelling and performing my music is a perfect situation for me, I absolutely love it! My DREAM venue is Madison Square Gardens (dream big right?!) I’m always excited to put out new music so 2018 is going to be a fun one!


Q: Musical inspirations – the serious and the surreal?

Although I write and sing electro-pop, Johnny Cash has actually always been an inspiration for me – if I can channel even an ounce of his songwriting talents I’ll be a happy bunny! I tend to write about situations around more or what has happened to me (like that time my cat and I had a fight). I’ve been listening to really eclectic music recently – I like trying to figure them out (rarely succeeding) but then drawing on them for inspiration when I’m writing as well.

Q: There’s a tropical undertone to your latest single Dangerous Behaviour – music has GONE to the tropics this year – where are we heading next year?

Pack your piña coladas, 2018 is going to be… well, actually who knows. I definitely don’t! We’ve been super tropical this year, and I don’t know if we can get more coconut-y but I’m sure we’ll try. That said I’m hoping for an arctic turn – maybe some hygge and sparse vibes, and yes I did compare music to home living.


Q: Who’s Mike Mago and how did your musical paths cross?  

No idea. Nah I’m kidding! He’s a super talented DJ from Amsterdam and we met through the wonders of email. Fortunately, the topline for Dangerous Behaviour ended up in his inbox and out of the blue I get a demo version through and it was right along the lines of what I was hoping for and the rest, they sometimes say, is history. I did manage to wrangle a trip to Amsterdam for the video though and we finally got to have some face time which was awesome! 
Singer/Songwriter Tiggi Hawke

Q: Is Dangerous Behaviour about a rocky relationship?

Weirdly enough it’s not! I wrote it about a really positive experience I had when someone inspired me to leap out of my comfort zone and do something I never would have done normally. It’s basically saying you’ve given me the push I needed (and thanks for that) – but in case it all goes wrong I can’t be held responsible for what comes next and I REALLY hope you can handle it!


Q: What’s the most dangerous moment Tiggi Hawke has faced?

I’ll be honest, I was dangerous to other people. I made the HUGE error of visiting America and not bringing my own teabags. Me without good tea for a week takes hangry to new heights. Public liability.


Q: In hazardous situations, what’s Tiggi Hawke’s wise advice? Something seriously cooler than ‘keep calm and carry on’ please.

If in doubt, make it awkward. You can only go upwards from there.


Q: We’re in the midst of Christmas season – aka work Christmas parties and awkward family reunions – do you have any iconic stories that’s happened to you or people you know – those moments where you basically want to write off the next year ahead and stay in bed after?

Family reunions are fun! I’m just usually (well only slightly) embarrassed by the sheer quantity of food I can put away at Christmas meals and parties. It’s my party trick (that happens all year round…)


Q: How does style shape your musical ego and stage presence?

I wear what I feel comfortable and happy in, I think my style is very closely linked with my music. I’m very lucky to have complete creative freedom to write and wear whatever I’m feeling like at the time. My style and music have both definitely changed since I released my first EP, I like to think for the better!

Q: Talk us through your Superdry pictures with a fierce narrative! And what drew you to the garments you picked out?

So, full disclosure, I mainly go to the gym so I can eat snacks and sweets. And sometimes yes, as pictured, they are both at the same time! I actually did eat that chocolate bar while the photo was being taken… Those tracksuits are SO comfy, like being hugged by a friendly polar bear! In the studio I always run cold so a good jumper is key in my life, let alone when it has a tiger on it. That’s what I call a win-win!


Q: Finally, what’s Tiggi’s New Year Resolutions?

Not to have any! I make the same resolutions every. single. year. and I never manage to keep them! But usually that changes on NYE and I panic-make a few but they only last a month maximum… Don’t take my chocolate away from me basically.

Tiggi Hawke’s single Dangerous Behaviour is available HERE
Artist: Tiggi Hawke
Clothing: Superdry Sport & Superdry AW17


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