12 things to do on a ski holiday if you don’t like skiing

19th January 2017

We get it, the slopes aren’t for everyone. But if you are heading out with friends or family on a winter break to somewhere cold and snowy then you might be wondering what you can do besides skiing and snowboarding. We’ve got you covered…

  1. Start the party early

Après Ski is the true highlight of a ski holiday. Everyone comes together to knock back a few after a long day out on the slopes. If you’re not in the mood for a day in the snow, then set up shop in the comfiest seat in the bar and enjoy a few drinks before the rest of the group returns. Or get the shots in early and make friends with some tequila slammers.

  1. Go on, build a snowman

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending a couple of hours out in the chilly air, putting together a snowy masterpiece with friends. Make it a fun competition or take things seriously and sign up for one of the many snow sculpture championships that take place in ski resorts around the world. If you’re heading to the States the International Snow Sculpture Championships take place in Colorado in January, for example.

  1. Take a spa day

Many ski resorts feature swanky spas to take away the aches and pains after those long days on the slopes. However, you don’t need to don skis to enjoy a day spent relaxing in hot tubs, sweating it out in saunas or enjoying a massage. Make it your mission to leave the spa as relaxed and refreshed as possible, then join your group for drinks later in the local bar.

Who could resist hanging out with these guys for a day?
  1. Head out with the huskies

Husky rides are a common attraction at most ski resorts and a fantastic way of spending an afternoon, wrap up warm in plenty of layers and a fitted ski jacket to experience the beautiful scenery while being pulled by equally beautiful Alaskan huskies. If you’re heading to a resort in the popular Chamonix Mont-Blanc area there are numerous dog sledding trips to sign up for.

  1. Sample the local dishes

Whatever ski resort you head to there will be numerous restaurants and hotels ready to serve up delicious food whenever you feel a bit peckish. Make it your mission to sample a number of local dishes to really get a taste for the country you’re visiting – whether you hop off the tram and end up trying all of the cheese in the rustic Le Courant d’Air Restaurant in the Les Houches resort or dig into a warming bowl of soup 2.222m above sea level at the Adlerhorst in Austria.

  1. Cosy up by a log fire

If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire or wood burning stove in your accommodation pull out your thickest winter socks, some cosy pyjamas and settle down with  a mulled wine while everyone else freezes outside. It’s the perfect way to spend the day relaxing if you can’t face shuffling down the slopes.

  1. Enjoy some snow tubing

Much like that inflatable ride at a water park, snow tubing is great fun and an alternative way of enjoying the snow if you can’t handle skis and poles. Simply grab an inflatable rubber ring and head to a guided track on the resort where you can whizz down the hill, letting gravity guide you or while being tugged by a snowmobile. It’s a popular activity in resorts in the US, and most allow you to purchase a ticket then spend as long as you want zipping down the track. Be sure to wrap up in waterproof skiwear though, it can get pretty cold if you crash land in the fresh powder.

The Northern Lights are pure beauty.
  1. Look out for the Northern Lights

If you’re staying in a resort in the northern hemisphere you could see the natural wonder Aurora Borealis between October and March. Head out at night to spot this stunning light show with friends. It’s definitely an experience to tick off a bucket list and the perfect opportunity to get some Instagram worthy snaps. Lapland and Ruka in Finland, Banff in Canada, Húsavík in Iceland and Fairbanks in Alaska are apparently the best resort locations to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and many offer expeditions that take you to the best spots to watch the night sky.

Time to test out your triple axel.
  1. Don your skates

Many ski resorts feature an outdoor skating rink, perfect for those who want to experience rosy cheeks and the chill of a ski resort without the heavy physical exertion required with skiing. You can hire skis and take to the ice for an hour at a time, then warm up with a hot chocolate – or something stronger – in a cafe nearby.

  1. Try snow shoeing

If you still want to climb the slopes but don’t fancy whizzing back down on skis, then you could give snow shoeing a go. While they aren’t the most fashionable footwear – you will essentially have two tennis rackets strapped to your feet. They’re great fun to try and you can reach the top of the slopes to experience the mountain views skiers get to enjoy.

  1. Indulge in some retail therapy

The bigger resorts feature tons of shopping. You can spend a day splashing the cash, treating yourself and maybe picking up a couple of gifts for people back home. The Via Serlas resort in St Moritz is the best place for designer shopping with high end brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton and you can even pay a visit to our Superdry store if you’re staying in the Courchevel Moriond resort in France.

  1. Go on a snow safari

With the colder weather and abundance of snow during ski season the animals that usually live on the mountain sides are forced to venture downhill, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for wildlife lovers to head out in search of critters that wouldn’t normally be seen. If you’re staying in the Alps you could catch a glimpse of a golden eagle, as well as chamois, deer and ibex – great if you’ve got a new GoPro or DSLR you want to try out.

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