The Superdry Legacy

20th May 2016

Distinct logos and authentic detailing are the key credentials that have earned Superdry its iconic reputation. Since 2003, our amazing design team have created over 500 unique logos for both men and women.

Every design you see on our products derived from the imagination of our in-house design team. Incredible tailoring, super-soft cotton with authentic vintage washes, high-quality fabrics and iconic hand-drawn graphics all combine to create future classics. Despite our global recognition, we will always stay true to our heritage, creating hand-drawn designs season after season.

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How it’s done

Some of our best tee designs started as a doodle on a beer mat. You know how it is; something pops in your head and you have to write it down ASAP before you forget! When the initial idea for the logo is in place, it develops into an intricate pencil-drawn sketch, eventually transforming into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
It’s not just about producing a great looking t-shirt or hoodie; it’s about capturing the brand’s heritage and values within every unique design, creating tees that are bespoke to us and you guys.


Built to Resist Tee – The design process
Created for our Menswear collection, the design journey of our Built to Resist Tee is pretty epic. The inspiration for this tee came from a rustic, western concept featuring iconic saloon-style font and Superdry’s 1954 trademark. It’s a classic crew neck tee and incorporates a cracked finish and metallic foil effect on the chest, finished with a Superdry sleeve logo tab.

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