The Rise and Return of Cargo Shorts

28th April 2021

Hard-wearing and hard-working with handy pockets for carrying essentials, there’s no denying that cargo shorts are practical. But are they in style? The answer is yes. And we’re not the only ones to think so – Louis Vuitton and Jacquemus sent cargo shorts down the catwalk this spring/summer.

Functional, dependable, and easy to wear, the question shouldn’t be “are cargo shorts back?” but “why did they ever go away?”. An iconic summer wardrobe staple that goes with almost anything, cargo shorts are here to stay. Here’s how to choose the best pair for you.

Why are men’s cargo shorts summer’s must-have style staple?

Cargo shorts are a still comfortable alternative to the classic uniform of joggers and a hoodie, but are a lighter option that can help get your style creativity back if it’s been a little lost. They’re the perfect transition piece between ‘lounging’ joggers and ‘proper’ trousers.

They’re also perfect for hiking, with their high-quality crafting and loose feel.

How to find the perfect cargo shorts for you

Forget baggy ‘90s-era cargo shorts, for 2021, the look is more fitted. A trusted classic with a contemporary twist, today’s cargo shorts are slim-fitting, stylish, and perfect for pairing with everything from t-shirts for a dressed-down look to polo shirts for put-together style. 

How long should cargo shorts be?

There’s no perfect formula for the right shorts length, though it will (to some degree) depend on your height. Shorts that sit a couple of inches above the knee or just above the kneecap give the illusion of height. If you’re taller, knee-length shorts are fine, but avoid anything that falls below the knee, as it’s harder to move around in them. In the end, though, it comes down to personal preference – if you feel good in them, they’re the right length for you.

How wide should they be?

Cargo shorts that are too wide in the leg create a bulky trapezoid silhouette. Choose a pair that fit a bit tighter through the leg – but not too tight, you want to feel comfortable and be able to move easily.

How should the waist fit?

Ideally, your shorts should be comfortable around your waist without the need for a belt. They shouldn’t be too tight, though – these are functional shorts and you want to be able to move.

What are the best cargo shorts?

The Core Cargo Shorts are a slim take on the cargo shorts trend, flattering all body types. Crafted from 100% cotton, they’re light with a six-pocket design, button fastening and belt loops. Perfect for everyday wear paired with a statement t-shirt and trainers.

Core Cargo Shorts
For utilitarian summertime street style, team the Parachute Cargo Shorts with a casual bomber jacket and your favourite pair of high-tops.

Parachute Cargo Shorts

Sitting higher on the thigh, the Utility Cargo Shorts are a contemporary take on the look, with an elastic waist that makes them seriously comfortable. 

Utility cargo shorts
So, is it ok to wear cargo shorts?

Flattering and functional, cargo shorts are here to stay, so are a wise investment. Find your perfect pair of cargos from the Original & Vintage collection to see you through summer.


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