The jacket that photographs so well – Q&A with Constance Victoria

16th October 2017

We set emerging London fashion photographer Constance Victoria the challenge of photographing our denim Sherpa Girlfriend jacket on 3 models, all with a different personality, all with a different way of wearing. She didn’t let us down…

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Q: Introduce yourself and what you do in a non-generic way?

A: Constance Victoria Phillips – London based fashion & portrait photographer/influencer with a passion for the arts to put it simply!


Q: We’re millennials, many of who have an appreciation and hobby for photography – how did your personal interest develop into becoming a fully-fledged career? Call it ‘the Constance steps to success!’

A: When I started out in photography I actually began in the darkroom, only working with analogue cameras, developing my own film and prints at my local college as a teenager. It was only through studying at university that I actually even bought my first digital camera. I finished University and moved to London with no job and no plan and everything since then has been a fairly happy accident! I knew I wanted to be a photographer but I didn’t assist anyone, I just kind of went for it. Luckily I had a womenswear blog at the time and this gave me some opportunities to work with brands and in Ecommerce. But moving into portraiture was an organic step for me having come from portraiture at the very start of my photography life. It’s been a lot of hard work and is a very competitive industry, but I have loved the journey despite all the hardships.

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Q: How would you best describe your photography aesthetic?

A: I would say my style is very stripped back, raw and natural. I like to capture people looking like themselves. Not too many tricks involved, just a connection with the model I am working with and their own natural beauty. Obviously looking at my website most people would say I like a black & white, moody image, and this is accurate!


Q: Who are your inspirations and influences? Give some classics followed by some unconventional, explaining why of course!

A: Ooooh Inspirations, this is tough there are so many amazing artists and photographers who inspire me. To name a few: Cass Bird , Ace Amir, Alasdair Mclellan, Peter Lindbergh, Tom Mitchell, Matteo Montanari. I am also inspired on a  daily basis by my peers and people I follow via Instagram, whether they are photographers, models, stylist etc.  On shoots I find a lot of inspiration comes from the model and vibing off their look and style on the day, With portraits there isn’t much use in planning it until you actually meet your subject.

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Q: What makes a major model through your personal lens?

A: Leading on the from the above question, its great working with someone who is enthusiastic and brings their own style and personality to the shoot, no matter what their ‘look’. I do love an interesting, unique face, someone with a distinctive feature and something that sets them apart to catch my attention.


Q: Best and worst aspect of your job?

A: Best part would be working for myself and having the freedom to do what I want to a certain extent. I could never imagine having a 9-5 repetitive day to day job. I love that I am lucky enough to be able to do what I love doing most days, and to work with new faces and be creative. Worst part go’s hand in hand with the best part, in that being freelance also means there is a slight uncertainty to the future. The industry is a tough and competitive place so you always have to bring your A game and sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure!

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Q: Superdry talk now – can you explain the narrative of the collaboration and how you wanted to present the brand through your work?

A: With this collaboration I wanted to take the denim jacket in question and show how we could apply for any girl and any style. I decided to shoot it on various models each with their own distinctive style and aesthetic and give them the freedom to dress it up as they wish. We shot the images on analogue 35mm film to give it that raw and unedited feel and keep it dressed down and natural. We stuck to the streets of South London to give it the grungy every day vibe as well as an autumnal streak for this coming season.


Q: We’re talking jackets – sell the denim number that took focus in this project.

A: In London with the current weather I personally never have any idea how many layers I need to wear out the door.. this jacket is the perfect little throw over for this transitional weather moment and also lends well to a little double denim which never does any harm!


Photographer: Constance Victoria

Model: El Wood
Lilia Weddell
Paige Lawrence

Hair & Makeup: Henry Radford

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