How you can save money as a student but still look good

27th August 2018


You wanna look good for your classes but balancing a part-time job with your studies at Uni just doesn’t leave you with enough cash to buy every piece in the new in section. You’ve got to think about food, bills and getting around a new city on a tight budget – but you can look good with minimal cash in the bank.

If you’re wondering how to save money as a student and still look on trend, there are ways it can be done. Intrigued? Read on for our top tips.



  • Take full advantage of your student card


One of the many benefits of being a student is owning a student card – and you should definitely make the most of this while you can.

The NUS extra card is available to students over the age of 16 and studying either full or part-time in Further or Higher Education, 10 hours a week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Prices start from just £12 and get you money off everything from your food shop to travel costs. As well as saving money elsewhere to keep your bank balance topped up, you can also save money on new clothing – making it easier for you to buy into the new trends.


Mens leather jacket and black logo backpack student style


  • Spend more on your capsule wardrobe


To ensure you always look on trend – it’s a good idea to spend a little more on your capsule wardrobe as it’s made up of those items that never go out of fashion and can be worn daily.


Mens Straight Jeans
Mens Straight Jeans



This includes a quality pair of jeans – these can be worn throughout the year, dressed up or down, and go with almost any other item of clothing you own. You’ll also want to spend a little more on a decent hoodie, a staple item in many student wardrobes.


Sweat Shirt Store Fade Hoodie
Sweat Shirt Store Fade Hoodie



Don’t forget about accessories. You’ll need a bag on a daily basis to carry your books and stationery between lessons.


Webster Montana Rucksack
Webster Montana Rucksack



If you were to work out the cost per wear of these items they are actually incredibly cheap and well worth the money.



  • Open a savings account, track your finances and budget


Open a separate account for your savings that you can regularly transfer money in to, perhaps from your Saturday or summer job – so you always have this to fall back on, should you need it.


This ensures you don’t spend it all in one go and you could even earn a nice bit of interest. At the same time it is important to budget and track your finances – so you know where your money is going. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a night out with friends but, if you’ve budgeted properly, you’ll avoid this.


You might also want to save all your loose change in a tin – you’ll be surprised how quickly this will add up and you can then use it to treat yourself to something new for the clothes rail.



  • Restrict yourself to one new item a month


You’ve budgeted money for clothes so restrict yourself to one new item a month – up to a certain amount. This will make you think about whether you really want it and avoid spending money on clothing that will just sit at the back of your wardrobe.


Model shot of Back to school style


  • Cut down elsewhere or look for alternatives


Once you start budgeting you may be surprised to see where your money is going. Are you spending too much on travel? Then why not walk or cycle, when you can. Do you have a gym membership you never use? How about going for a run instead to keep fit? Do you buy a coffee every morning? Start making your own and take it in a travel mug. Always look out for offers, discount vouchers and sales before you buy anything – so you can get more for less.


Model shot of styled puffer jacket


  • Start selling your unused or unloved items


How much of your wardrobe do you currently wear? There’s likely clothes tucked away at the back that you’ve outgrown – in every sense of the word. Give these items a new lease of life by selling them on eBay or Depop and enjoy the cash.

You don’t just have to sell clothes either. You’ll no doubt have other items that you no longer need and will earn you a few pennies to put towards something new.



  • One in, one out


You could also adopt a one in, one out policy, This means you can’t buy anything new unless you get rid of something you already have – it might be something you simply need to throw away because it’s old and worn or can be donated to charity. This will stop you spending money when you don’t really need to and you might just discover clothes you had forgotten about by regularly reviewing them.




  • Find ways to earn money on the side


Your education should come first but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a little extra cash to add to your savings account and maybe put towards a new outfit every now and again. You might want to look for a Saturday job that will boost your CV or look into a job with your Student Union. There are plenty of flexible working opportunities for students that you can fit around your studies.


Starts by creating your capsule wardrobe and then consider how you are going to save money so you can stay on-trend and looking good whether you’re in a 9am seminar or chilling in the canteen at lunch.



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