Slope Style – top trends for 2017

17th February 2017

Putting together a stylish look on the slopes is easy in 2017, with Superdry’s unique range of skiwear available this season. We took to Instagram to discover what our fans have been kitting themselves out in, on the slopes, and we have to say we’re impressed.

If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to how to style up your skiwear this season, then check out these trendy skiiers and snowboarders, who should give you some inspiration on how to rock slope style in 2017.

Credit @izabela_zwierzynska

Floral feels

Image credit: @izabela_zwierzynska

Mixing a pair of comfy joggers with a floral print hoodie is a slop style ensemble that makes us feel like spring has come early. A cute beanie hat thrown on top, some matching chunky mittens and hair worn loose and carefree are great for finishing off this look – perfect if you’re not heading out on the slopes for too long.

Credit @jrojasdesign

Grey fade

Image credit: @jrojasdesign

Use grey as a base when pulling together your look for the slopes, and complement this with bold shades of orange or pink for your layers. Tie in your accent colour via your accessories, such as goggles and ski gloves. A padded ski jacket in a parka style is a great top layer, be sure to choose a style with a strong fur lined hood and plenty of extra pockets to keep everything secure while you navigate the slopes.


Snow white

Image credit: @hayleighjm

Not feeling the big colours and patterns? No worries, choose something subtle in a more traditional colour such as white or black. Plus you’ll add a little bit of Bond villain chic to the slopes.

Credit @dimitrije_mikovic

Cold weather hero

Image credit: @dimitrije_mikovic

For those truly cold days, when the sky is clear and the wind bitter, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re completely covered. A snood is a popular choice for the most stylish skiers and snowboarders, as they pair this with camo print ski jackets and simple plain base layers. Don’t forget your protective ski helmet and fitted goggles to ensure your face is completely protected from the elements.

colour popping

Colour popping

Image credit: @sportsdhiverbe

Embrace a little splash of colour when it comes to your skiwear, with a darker monochrome base and bright pops of bold pink, orange and green on zips and pockets to ensure you’re seen on the slopes. Camo print is also a popular choice for ski jackets and matching trousers, when seeking out strong slope style, but be sure to don simple accessories to pull the whole look together.

Credit @the_halfie

Cross country style

Image credit: @the_halfie

Cross country slope style involves as little layers as possible, to ensure you aren’t hindered by a heavy ski jacket. A Merino wool baselayer is your best bet, not only is it super warm but it also wicks moisture and sweat to keep you dry too, as well as looking good. A large khaki backpack is the perfect accessory, practical and on trend it’s perfect for nailing 2017 slope style.


Pattern frenzy

Image credit: @youareanadventurestory

Camo is usually the first print to come to mind when considering skiwear, but don’t be afraid to mix this with other strong prints to create an edgier slope style. Paisley print bandanas are an excellent alternative to the traditional snood on warmer days, grab a larger design and have this around your neck and tucked into your ski jacket to keep the cold out, while still looking good. Finish off with a practical ski helmet and goggles or a pair of shades when you aren’t actually skiing.

Credit @emmakieft

Puff it up

Image credit: @emmakieft

Not only are puffer jackets ideal for everyday winter style, they are also a great choice on the slopes. A fur trimmed hood instantly adds a luxe feel to any ski jacket and when paired with mirrored goggles and a snood it creates slope style that gives the impression that you can take on anything the mountain throws your way. 

Feeling inspired? Then check out our range of skiwear for men and women right here on the site and get yourself kitted out.

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