Slang Match

2nd August 2018

With the release of new single Richest Man in the World, we caught up with SLANG and learned a little more about his language…


The dictionary refers to SLANG as ‘a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.’ On that note, introduce yourself in slang, and then in a contrasting formal and eloquent manner…

SLANG SLANGER, born at a young age and raised by wolves. Eaten by spiders when I was 6, aka Daniel Dare aka Dan Dare aka SLANG.


Do you have any made-up words and lingo you live by, and if so, what do they mean?

Duckpiece, haha! When we have had a huge night or weekend out and woke up in the morning we would always say, “Right who’s first in the shower to scrub their duck.” Which then ended up being ‘Duckpiece’ I’m not sure what it is to be honest, it’s either your private parts or your body. Stupid really but once you’ve scrubbed your ‘Duck’ you’re good to go again.


What’s the story of SLANG the person and then SLANG the artist?

SLANG the person – well my name’s Dan, I was born in Southall. Dad was a gangster and my Mum used to clean pubs and the bookies. The area I grew up in was a crazy place full of crime and drugs when I was growing up. I got chucked out of school when I was 13, went on to do a few naughty things then I was 17 had a huge reality check with friends being put in prison and being murdered – I had to leave the area and get on with my life. I found an amazing girlfriend who really helped me pursue music. Her Mum was a teacher and Dad a musician who I learned quite a lot from.

SLANG as an artist is a reflection of my upbringing, the struggles and who I was back then and also how that affects me as an adult in relationships. Even down to basic things like communication. I fully didn’t know how to act like a normal adult until I was in my early 20’s.



How would you best describe your sound and inspirations?

It’s a melodic, spoken, singy rappy vibe ,but quite poppy. I grew up listening to a weird mix of Otis Redding, The Clash, Mod Music (Dad) Elvis, Aretha and Soul Music (Mum) and Gangsta Rap because my two older brothers loved 50 Cent, Pappose, Uncle Murda and Dipset amongst others. My brother Stuart got me into music, he was an oldschool Garage MC and I would listen to him on pirate radio. He helped me write my first lyrics. I think it was something like ‘One two three, MC digger dee, I’m a G’ or something horrendous like that.


Probably get asked this in every interview, but what would you buy if you were the richest man in the world?

I would buy every homeless person a home, every hungry person a meal and myself an iced coconut Frappuccino – they’re just lovely.


Were you a little entrepreneur as a youngster – selling Pokémon cards in the playground, washing cars?

I mean I had quite a poor upbringing so if I could sell anything I would, I could sell salt to a slug haha, but saying that I was obsessed with the Pokemon Gameboy games when I was 11 and 12. A good way of earning money was when my uncle came out of prison. He told me I was skinny and weak. Every 10 press ups I would get £20….. Think I got to about 27 press ups and he called it £30!


The artwork for your single is a SLANG edition Monopoly board – what’s your filthy tricks and tips for winning a game of the classic board game?

Always be the banker or the wanker. Mainly the wanker. Find the sore loser and stay away from them because they’re selfish!



We’re in the midst of festival season – how’s it shaped up for you so far?

Only been to a couple this year, played a load of them last year. V Festival, Lovebox, Festival No.6 etc. Saw Anderson .Paak at Lovebox which was incredible – got to briefly say hello to his team backstage which was nice. His energy as a human is great. Big fan of his ‘Malibu’ album too!


What do you try and bring to the stage during festival sets?

Energy, a fun time and good vibes. I get verbal diarrhoea a lot so that’s quite fun to watch sometimes I guess, especially when I started to swear at the police… Didn’t go down well but hey. The live set is like a punk set. Very lively, lots of jumping around & NO TRACK!! Four of us just rocking out. Bass, Guitar, Drums & vocals.


What’s next for SLANG?

Looking to drop a couple more singles, recently scored a couple of films and adverts because I come from a production background before being an artist. Just confirming live dates for a UK tour and a couple of tour supports across the UK & Europe.


Finally, you visited Superdry recently for a styling sesh – what did you pick out?

Probably every piece of denim in the shop, the most comfortable socks and underwear ever. Some peacock t-shirts. Loads of hats. I’m sorted for the next year for clothes haha!



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