Sarah Close: New Term & New Tracks

7th September 2018

Singer songwriter Sarah Close is making waves in music, and with the release of new single You Say, we’re saying that she’s set for serious fame and SOON! We invited her to our flagship store for a natter and gifting session – the results are below…

Hi Sarah! To get ‘closer’ to you, can you tell us some unusual facts about you?

I don’t like tea… I get a lot of teasing about it from my family and friends but i just don’t like the taste. What else…? I’m excellent at giving massages and I got my ears pierced for the first-time last year.


You mentioned you were a Myspace Girl back in the day – what song would you have on your profile, and what was your background wallpaper?

I had a Myspace page but actually when I was a kid it was all about Bebo! All I remember is my Dad was my best friend on there haha!


Have you always had a knack for social media, and what’s your current relationship with it?

Social media started being a thing when I was about 15/16 – I wouldn’t say I’ve always had a knack for it, but I grew up alongside it so I’ve always known what to do without really thinking about it. I love how it allows people to connect but I’m really trying not to spend too much time on my phone and more time enjoying the people and places around me!



Your new single is called You Say, and we say we love it! Question is, what are you actually saying in the song?

It’s the story of being into someone more than they’re into you, but they’re taking advantage of your feelings. One day saying it’s off then calling you back up when they see you moving on and doing good, only this time you’re SO DONE. And you tell ‘em to get gone once and for all!


You’ve brought dance moves into the mix – explain your moves to us and any showstoppers you have up your sleeve on the dancefloor!

I love to dance – I dance when I do my make up, I dance when I cook but I only ever do it by myself and I’ve never had dance lessons or anything. When I listen to You Say, it just makes me want to move, it’s such an energetic song. I’ve always wanted to do a video where I bring in some dancing and this felt like the right time to do it. My trick on the dancefloor is to stop thinking about what you look like and lose yourself in the music, people look great dancing when they’re comfortable – just get your hips moving and your body will follow.



Funniest moments you’ve had on set?

When we shot the Only You music video we had a friend’s dog on set with us – there was a lot of giggling and awwing that day – I remember getting my make-up done with the dog sat on my lap. Goals.


We’re in ‘New Term’ mode at Superdry – what are your memories of school days, and what would you advise your younger self now?

School was ok for me, I had some good friends and good teachers who were very supportive of my music. I hated doing exams though and I’m so glad I don’t have to do those anymore. To my younger self I’d tell her to be more fearless and worry less about what other people thought. School is such a bubble and it can feel like it’s never going to end or you’re never going to escape the people there, but it’s important that you make mistakes so you can learn and grow and take all the opportunities you can.


You recently visited Superdry at Regent Street, and we loved having you. What styles did you pick out, and was there anything that surprised you about the brand?

I had no idea that Superdry had a sportswear range! I’m a very energetic person and I burn off a lot of steam by working out so I grabbed a lot of the sports stuff. I also picked up a puffy coat in preparation for the cold weather, as well as some comfy tracksuit bottoms, which I’m currently living in. My favourite piece though was the jumper dress – I love jumper/t-shirt dresses!




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