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30th November 2018

Rumours have been making all the right waves and name for themselves in 2018 – tipped to be the next big thing in electro indie, they’re a band that you’ll get kudos points for liking before everyone else joins the party. We caught up with the artistic trio to find out what’s being dreamed up for next year and beyond…

How did the trio come about, and where did the name come from?

FEDE: The project came about a few years ago. I was finishing my last year of university in London when i met Marion. Me and Mark had already been writing songs and recording demos for a while by then. We asked Marion if she wanted to join us, as we were looking for a female vocalist and her voice was exactly what we were after. When we stared writing, the music had quite a mysterious vibe, and that’s why we landed on the name Rumours. Honestly there is no particular reason why we chose the name but it just felt right with the music at the time. Our logo means “almost equal to…” which symbolises the way rumours travel fast and they get twisted as they get passed on, sometimes even changing completely..

Best rumour you’ve ever heard?

MARION: I just heard that Bon Iver will be closing All Points East festival in London in 2019. Which means I am definitely going, but playing would be even cooler.. Hint hint

Your Instagram profile says you’re ‘three friends on a mission’ – a mission to do what!?

FEDE: Let’s face it. Being an independent artist could be quite tricky sometimes, it’s full of ups and downs and it can be hard to survive the industry. It’s not always all fun and games as most Instagram accounts show.. Our goal, as I think is the same for most artists, is to be successful doing what we love and to reach as many people as possible with our music. Our journey has been really fun and rewarding so far, and we are grateful for the experiences and people we’ve met through music, but we are aware that there’s a lot of work to be done in order for this mission to be accomplished..

You’ve received incredible critical and credible acclaim from leading music mags – some of whom have likened your music to being hypnotic, sensual, evocative and electronic. How would you sum up your sound?

ALL: We have received incredible support and appreciation from numerous mags and blogs so far and that fills us with pride and gratitude!
To be honest with you, sometimes journalists and writers are much better than us at describing our sound, so here and there we’ll recycle or let’s say quote, some of them when asked to define our own sound! Avoiding that in this instance, our sound is wavy and laid back, but punchy, with just the right amount of grit, while we try to make catchy hooks stick in your head for all eternity. Haha.

You’ve been likened and billed by some as the next ‘The XX’ – what do you make of this comparison?

MARK: To us that is definitely flattering, we all really like ‘The XX’s music and deeply respect the incredible things they’ve accomplished as a band so far. We wouldn’t say our music is directly influenced by them, but I can totally see how the male/female vocals and the chilled and laid back style, can be somewhat similar. I think the main difference between us and them, is in the choice of sounds, that highlight the different musical influences our bands have. I think electronic elements are more present in our tracks. Synths and Electric pianos are main features, while “The XX” sound makes me think they might have more of an indie rock background..

What’s Edges all about – is this a literal or metaphorical talking point?

MARION: Edges is about feeling vulnerable. And metaphorically speaking, about standing too close to the edge, waiting too long to react when you know that a conclusion needs to be made – so you feel like your world is turning upside down as you fall into the unexpected.

What sort of person or situation ‘takes you to the edge’ of losing it (aka no patience for!)

MARION: I think we would all agree that I am a rather impatient person…. so if I am to make a list it could get really long. But if I have to chose I would say slow walkers and bullies. Bullies are voted presidents of countries now, I have no patience for that.

Your music videos have got an artistic edge to them – pun intended – where do the concepts come from, and why is everything you do so damn cool!?

FEDE: Wow, that really is a compliment.. Thank you. The concept behind the videos has so far been coming from the directors, and then discussed between us in the band until we find what works for everyone. We are quite lucky as we have a lot of friends in all kinds of creative industries, and they always take part in our videos. It’s not always easy to come up with something cool and professional on a relatively low budget, so we have definitely been lucky to have good friends to help out. The last video especially was a great experience shooting, and it’s quite funny how it came about.. We met Hannah, the director, at a Sofar Sounds show in London. She heard Edges and had this great idea for a video, the rest is history..

What’s it like to watch Rumours live?

MARK: I think that seeing us live definitely makes people understand what this project is about on a deeper level. We take each and every show as a chance to improve and it truly is the most important and exciting way for to us to share our music with people. We all started out as live performers, which is not always the case with electronic music acts. We really love being on stage, and the more we play together the better it gets!

What event/gig experience would you as a band put on if money was no object?

ALL: If money was no object we would want to put on a huge event with all of our amazingly talented and creative friends getting involved for a night of music, fashion, art and visuals…

You’ve been styling out new Superdry recently – has your perception of the brand changed at all?

MARK: I have to be honest, my perception of the brand has changed!! Even though I’ve known about it for years, for some reason I have never found myself in a Superdry store before. Now that I have, I know that there is loads of stuff I would absolutely love to wear every day.

Give us some rumours of what’s coming up for Rumours in 2019…

ALL: We are super excited for what’s coming, we’ve shuffled a few things around internally and have expanded the team. We are writing a lot and we are very happy with our music at the moment, we feel it’s as close to our hearts as it ever has been. We have a lot of new material ready which we are looking to release starting from the beginning of next year.. And who knows, maybe an EP later along the line…in the meantime watch out of a little treat at the beginning of December! 🙂


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