Quick Wit With Casey Lowry

30th May 2019

With the festival-friendly release of new single ‘You Told Me You Loved Me’, we couldn’t resist inviting Casey Lowry in for a natter. Here’s what he had to say…

Introduce yourself as if this was a dating app bio

Hi I’m Casey, I’m on tour, please date me.

Your bio says you’re a geek for gaming – what sort of life have you created on The Sims back in the day?

I just used to make my character sleep or eat all day.

What are your earliest memories connected with music?

I remember resting my head on a piano and it sounding so nice…after that all I wanted to do was play it.

Was there ever a time when your career was heading in a different direction, and how did you get into music as a profession?

Not really, I kind of suck at everything else. I wanted to be a doctor at one point then realised I hated blood.

You mentioned that when your debut single Trampoline propelled unexpectedly to the Radio 1 playlist, that you were still working the door to your gigs at the time! How did that first burst of fame and success change things and your live shows?

It provided me with a platform to jump off. Big industry people started taking notice and I got loads of free food because of it.

How do you define success?

I’m actually not sure yet, I think I connect it with happiness and stability.

If you could let fame get to your head in the most fantastical way, what would be on your fictional rider?

Goats to hang around in my dressing room until I play the show.

Should have asked this at the start really – but better late than never – how would you describe your sound!?

If you’d have asked me a year I’d have given you the most rehearsed answer ever, but I guess now I’d just call it guitar pop 

Who or what influences you?

Tragically I used to watch YouTube videos of people getting paid to travel the world and it was probably that background music.

Talk to us about your new single ‘You Told Me You Loved Me’

In short, it’s basically about how men should speak out if they ever feel a bit shit…bottling it up is not good.

Funniest date let-down/excuse you’ve been served?

 “I broke my leg”.

We recently invited you into our Regent Street flagship, and loved having you. What did you make of the brand, and what did you pick out?

I loved it, loads of colours and very comfy. I picked out some dungarees and loads of shirts!

What can we expect from the rest of your summer and 2019?

Festivals, gigs….that kinda stuff. Oooooo and NEW MUSIC!


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