One Bit: Between You And Me

14th September 2018

DJ duo One Bit are doing one thing right now, and that’s releasing an awesome new single with X Factor winner Louisa Johnson. Titled Between You and Me, we sat down with them to wittingly chat things discretely between them and…everyone!

Between you and me…how did One Bit come about, and why the name?

We met in Liverpool at Paul McCartney’s Arts Uni LIPA, and started working on some dance and pop music bits together. It was pretty obvious from the start that one person’s weaknesses was the other’s strengths so it just made sense for us to stick together and be able to cover all bases with just the two of us. After working with loads of other artists writing songs and producing for them we decided to write something for ourselves. We put music on Soundcloud and it received a great reaction and we’ve been making music for us ever since. The name’s really boring and nerdy, but basically it’s part of a component used when recording sound… (google Delta Sigma Modulation in AD/DA conversion if you want a nice bedtime read…!)


Between you and me…what’s the most annoying thing about your DJ counterpart?

Haha that’s a can of worms not worth going into on here!



Between you and me…what time do DJs go to sleep after a gig?

We couldn’t possibly say on behalf of everyone else but we are both extremely sensible and responsible adults who always go to bed 9pm sharp or as soon as we finish playing of course 😉


Between you and me…what’s the maddest performance and night you’ve had as a music duo?

Probably playing Main Stage at We Are FSTVL. It was our first time playing a stage that big and it didn’t disappoint! Safe to say we celebrated properly afterwards…


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Between you and me…what’s on your backstage rider…any diva demands?

Honestly it’s very tame – just water, beer and some food! We do sometimes ask for a nice bottle of Whiskey though and if we’re flying anywhere Joe “demands” extra legroom because he’s a giant!


Between you and me…what’s it been like to work with Louisa Johnson?

An absolute dream! Not only has she got an insane set of lungs on her, but she’s also super nice, a lot of fun and is up for all the ridiculous things we’ve made her do during this campaign!



Between you and me…what are you lyrically sharing in the song of this same question name?

Between You And Me is all about that initial moment when you meet someone and you realise there’s a connection there and really revelling in that intense electricity.


Between you and me…what did you make of Superdry when you visited our Regent Street flagship, and what did you pick out?

Superdry at Regent Street is a dream! It’s such an epic space and gives you proper vertigo when you’re at the top of the 4th floor. Summer is officially over now so we went in on the jackets! A good selection of bombers (can never have too many bombers!), a coach jacket and a mad bright orange winter coat. we’re currently fighting over one Khaki bomber as we both love it too much! We also got a couple of tees, jumpers AND some insanely comfy boxers!



Between you and me…what are the 2019 goals for One Bit?

We set our sights so high that we wouldn’t want them out to the world then to fall short of them, but we’d love to do a load of festivals and play in Ibiza next year. Wed love to travel more of the world and play to more people and then just keeping on what we’re doing really. Lots more music and hoping that as many people as possible hear it, enjoy it and connect with it.





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