On The Offbeat Road With Jordan Barron

12th March 2019

Fearless, intellectual, adventurous and stylish – just a few of the makings of Influencer Jordan Barron. We set the talented chap the challenge of showcasing Superdry Sport and Snow in the most epic and eclectic of locations. We also caught up with him to philosophise on all things ‘influence’ in 2019.

Introduce yourself – including fun facts and your career!

My name is Jordan Barron, I’m originally from just outside of London but spent my teenage years in New Zealand before moving onto stints in London and Sydney. This has left me with a bit of a weird jumbled accent. I have been modeling since I was discovered at the age of 18, which has seen me travel all of over the world and work with some amazing brands that align with my personal philosophies. I’m happiest when I’m playing sport (you’ll find me in my boxing gym most days) and socializing with friends old and new. I’m in love with summer, the beach and the ocean. You can’t keep me too far away from summer for too long. I went to Victoria university of Wellington and studied Accounting, Finance and Commercial Law. I picked Wellington because it had a vibrant arts scene and a balanced lifestyle. I could socialize with my friends at cool bars, had a café culture, and play sport whilst being able to focus on my study. The best part of my career has been the people and personalities I have met whilst traveling around the world.

Fun facts:

  • I was there when the Banksy picture shredded!
  • I guessed my little brother’s birthday a week before he was due. I said to my Mum and Dad he will be born at midnight on the 20thof January, 2001 – that was exactly what happened.
  • I can eat a whole tub of ice-cream with chocolate sauce in one sitting (I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself!)
  • I met Ellie Goulding and didn’t even realize it was her.
  • I am unashamedly owning up to liking a few One Direction songs and reckon I would be a great addition to the band if they ever wanted to get back together.
  • I love being fit and active so I can eat chocolate croissants on the weekend.

What does being an ‘Influencer’ mean to you?

To me, a true Influencer is someone that people can trust and look to for new experiences, products or ideas. I see Influencers as having an obligation to use their opportunities of influencing in a positive way with a genuine desire to help people – to change, effect, and impact the world for the better by promoting brands and services that they genuinely believe in through their social media following. I’m an honest person and my desire is to help people with the experiences I have had travelling and my day to day life creating positive content which will help improve society.

Who influences you and why?

I’m very fortunate to have a family who has always backed me. They are all extremely hard working and push one another to be the best versions of themselves. They have been a hugely positive influence throughout my life which I am extremely grateful for.

My godfather Barney has been an influencer to me. His work ethic is to be the best and whose personality is all about “anything is possible”. He also has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed him and shown me how to think about things from a professional stand-point.

Everyone whom I’ve met influences me. I appreciate the good in people in my life and use their positive personalities to improve myself.

Throughout the years, my close friends are the ones who’ve always had my best interests at heart. You can learn a lot from deep conversations with people that know you. Either someone coming from a different culture or having a different perspective is always valuable.

I think everyone can be an influence on you just by being positive and being themselves. Having your best interest at heart. I mean who really wants to spend time hanging out with negative people?

In regards to fashion, I don’t really look to wear what other people wear. I do what makes me feel comfortable and confident – I do like bright colours from time to time to spice things up.

Sir Richard Branson – inspired me in the way he believes in himself and prides himself on working with a team that share the same core values he does.

Liam Malone – one of my best friends whom is a 2x Paralympic Gold Medalist. Liam is so positive all the time, wants to stand atop the highest mountain dreaming about the biggest challenges he can set himself. I don’t know another man who could run a marathon with no training and instead just on true grit and mental strength. Look out for him on the comedy scene as well, as he will take the world by storm.

David Beckham has always influenced me, especially in how he sets trends. His drive to achieve playing for England and Manchester United and to be the best version of himself was always very inspiring. So inspiring that I didn’t have any words when I eventually met him at an fashion event in London – what a triumphant idiot I am!

Misconceptions about being a model and the modelling life?

The misconception that modeling is easy. It is harder than it looks! I see it as a sports day; you prep yourself to be the best you can to perform the best on the day. The viewer only sees the finished product but you don’t see the amount of hours that goes into it. For example, going to the gym every morning, eating the right food, sleeping the right amount of time, going to events and meeting new people. Many of these things are out of self-interest and with that you have to self motivate. You also have to be flexible with your time as things change often. For example, I was recently in Queenstown, New Zealand, and the weather affected shoot times which then impacts your personal life. Traveling to and from shoots can also be demanding – especially if they are out of proximity. Anyone who has caught a lot of flights will be able to relate to this. You can’t take it always so seriously and just have to live a little. I’ve made some great friends over the years.

You’re based predominately in London but are known for your epic travel and trips – what draws you to this ‘on the road’ lifestyle?

I get a kick out of change. For example, just last week I was modelling in the busy streets of London to the beautiful surroundings of Queenstown, New Zealand the week after. Life is about uncertainty and you have to take every opportunity you are given. In Sydney everything involves around going to the beach or being active – as soon as you finish work everyone will be at the beach or doing some sort of sport. When you are near the salt water on hot days you always seem to be active – adventures and the great outdoors go hand in hand! In London it’s more about going out and socialising in different ways such as at a bar or café. I feel as though I learn so much from other people. I take away a little bit of something from every culture and person I meet along the way. Everyday is different – but one thing’s for sure, after the modelling experience, it will be pretty hard to go to a 9 to 5 job as you are constantly working to someone else’s agent and can’t embrace your own creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Most inspirational places you’ve been to?

Wanaka, New Zealand – It is a place in which you look for adventures because you don’t have flashy touristy activities.  A favourite of mine is the Roys Peak Track walk – it will give you magnificent views of Wanaka, the lake and the Southern Alps.

Byron Bay, Australia   – I loved going to the top of Cape Byron lighthouse and watching the whales – this is panoramic views offered from Australia’s easterly point! It’s also really good for surfing. Not just catching waves but the entire culture there is free-flowing, with a laid-back attitude that allows you to express yourself – not to mention all the relax and chill.

What’s on your adventurous bucket list?  

Tokyo – Japan. I’m a big fan of sushi and all my Japanese friends have said you must go to the fish market and the temples in Kyoto.

Bhutan – Himalaya’s. In Bhutan they measure Gross National Happiness – this development is measured on the quality of life based on the spiritual and mental well-being of it’s people. I would love to go mountain trekking and to visit Taktsang as it one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is situated on a vertical cliff 3000m north of Paro.

Sarengatti – Kenya – Since watching The Lion King as a kid I’ve wanted to go on a safari. Being a Leo myself I’ve always wanted to see a lion too!

Tips for someone teased but unsure at the idea of a gap year road-trip!

I would say that I’ve always found travelling makes you think in a different way once you get home. You bring this air of freshness to your thinking and a change in routine brings out the best in you. For example, I left Sydney as I was doing the same sort of jobs and routine. I needed a change in lifestyle and cultural experience therefore I decided to come to Europe to experience this and a faster pace of life. If you have the opportunity, I recommend travelling and experiencing different cultures. I think some people lose touch at what life is about, in the sense of what is important to them. Once you travel, it’s like you can’t help but reconsider your values.

You’re an influencer ambassador for Superdry – what makes our style and ethos a good fit for you?

I’m extremely passionate about Superdry from a cultural, lifestyle and wellness perspective – which enables me to promote campaigns around the world. They have given me a lot of trust and I have a very good relationship with Superdry. I like that the brand is sustainable by including animal welfare as part of their company ethos. I also love the family culture of Superdry and how welcoming everyone is – It’s one big family whether a customer, employee or partner. I’ve made a host of friends at Superdry!

How are you styling up this spring and summer?

I’m usually playing sport every day so in summer when it’s super hot. You will find me in a singlet and shorts. Superdry perfectly caters for a variety of these options. I’m pretty simple when it comes to sports gear so black and white is my go to.

I love wearing urban essentials, which are casual as well as looking sharp – a tech fabric fit is important to me, allowing comfortable movement.

When I go out I like to pair all black together, therefore a leather jacket is a must with the all black jeans and t-shirt.

I like track jackets which Superdry have plenty to choose from. You can wear these for different occasions from pre-gym to the office and even on a date! The versatility of a track jacket makes it essential to my wardrobe.

Talk us through your recent Superdry styled trip with photographer Jacob Travels (because the photos are EPIC!)

We had been looking into the possibility of working together for some time, then the chance to do this Superdry trip came up so we jumped on it! My photographer and I wanted to find a location that would really captivate our audience – and urge them to get outside and explore themselves! We ended up choosing to explore around the Peak District, as we saw there was a chance for some decent snow in the area and thought that would mesh well with the epic Superdry Snow gear. After piling all our gear into a rental car and making our way out into the countryside we soon came to realize there was a lot more snow than we had originally anticipated! Extremely underprepared for the conditions – with Jacob opting for trainers as footwear in knee-deep snow – we got exploring! We spent the day climbing up mountains, hanging off cliffs, and getting caught in blizzards. By the end of it we were all amped, knowing we had captured some unique shots of the epic Superdry gear in the rugged environment. We spent the next day exploring Manchester – where Jacob was based at the time. The city offers some cool urbanscapes to shoot in due to its rich industrial past – so in what must have been one of the few days in winter not pouring with rain – we scoured the city for shots that really showcased its heritage. We finished the trip with a nice cold beer looking over the photos we’d captured, lots of laughs, and feeling grateful to have been given the opportunity to work together on such a fun project – and we both can’t wait for the next trip we do with Superdry!

You’re also a fitness expert – how do you define good health?

Yes, I’ve recently just finished my Level 2 personal training course so I’m going to be focusing on creating more fitness led content this summer…it’s something people have asked me about for years.

I define good health as a balanced lifestyle. Making good decisions in your day to day by eating whole foods but not being completely stressful about what you eat. A big one for everyone is alcohol and making good decisions on when to drink and not to. I encourage people to pick their moments and not get forced into things that they don’t want to do. Set a plan and stick to it.

If you do fitness everyday it makes more vigorous fitness easier – even if it’s walking to work or stretching in the morning. The type of training I try to do is working on small muscle groups with lengthening muscles and joint strength through classes such as Pilates.

Festival season is on the horizon – what’s on your road-trip mixtape this summer?

I can’t wait to go to festivals with Superdry this summer! When it comes to music I’m just a naturally upbeat person so any music in which I can attempt to show-off my dancing skills or sing a-long with my friends, is great by me. Here’s my mixtape…

Darkside – Au-Ra

Ride or Die – Santino Le Saint

U.N.K.N.O.W.N Vibrations – Aaron Unknown

Love And Run – Lexie Liu

In-between – Ami Carmine

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction (couldn’t resist haha!)

Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Move Your Feet – Junior Senior

Without Me – Halsey

Giant – Calvin Harris


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