The gear you need to go off-piste this season

18th January 2018

Ski holiday planned? This year, be brave – ditch the usual slopes and head off-piste.

It’s a chance to escape the hordes of people and to really push your limits – oh, and test out your new ski gear.

Here’s what you need to boss those backcountry slopes safely, all while having an awesome time too.

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1. Ski helmet

There are a few more lumps and bumps to deal with when off-piste skiing – the slope isn’t maintained by anyone. This means you need a helmet to stay safe, just in case you plant it.

You can still look good while wearing one of these though – choose a style that matches the rest of your outfit or slap on logo stickers from your fave snowboard gear or ski brands to create a unique look.

2. Ski Goggles

You need to be totally aware of your surroundings when off-piste – which means goggles are a must. Our range of Glacier Snow Goggles not only look smart but are also made with a category 3 UV400 double polycarbonate and an acrylic lens system – which is also anti-fog and ventilated. We got you.

3. Ski trousers

You’re gonna want something pretty heavy duty – and a base layer legging is also a good idea.

A pair of our snow pants – we offer ranges for both men and women – should help you brave the elements with fully insulated linings and snow seals.

A bold colour will get you noticed when it comes to looking on point in your gear, while camo print is on trend for 2018.

4. Ski or snowboard jacket

Go matchy matchy with a ski jacket that coordinates with your ski trousers or throw the rulebook down the piste and opt for clashing colour schemes. We’re loving an almost fluro orange jacket with a contrasting baby blue or grey camo print.

5. Ski gloves

Don’t brave the cold without protecting your pinkies. Some heavy duty ski gloves are ideal for a trip off-piste – meaning you can deal with whatever the slope throws at you.

6. Backpack

You’ll need one of these to keep everything close by – you know, like your phone when you want to show off the view to your mates back home on your Insta stories. Our Snow Service Backpack can carry up to 10 litres, features a fleece lined pouch just for your goggles and even has a pull-out helmet carrier. It’s true – we’ve thought of everything.

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7. Ski boots

Lighter boots are proving popular in 2018, making it easier to trek through thicker powder off-piste. Look for a style offering plenty of grip so you can actually get up that mountain – there’s no ski lifts off-piste.

8. Climbing skins

You’ve got to get up that slope, so it’s a good idea to invest in some climbing skins. They’re basically strips that stick to the bottom of your skis and will need replacing after a few uses. These offer better grip and traction on the snow – to help you get up quicker.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about them – to help you decide if they’re worth spending your hard earned cash on.

The important stuff

We don’t wanna be dull but if you’re heading off-piste there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only go off-piste if you can handle it – Conditions can be tough and it’s much more physically demanding than the usual slopes. Only go off-piste if you’re an experienced skier/snowboarder.
  • Choose a safe location – Talk to guides at the resort you’re staying at and find out where is the safest place to ski off-piste. Avalanches are more common than you think so you’ll want to avoid areas prone to them.
  • Don’t go it alone – Stick with a mate when heading off-piste, it’s more fun and you’ve got someone there just in case.
  • Tell people where you’re going and when you’ll be back – Just so everyone knows where to look if you’re running late.
  • Take snacks – We’re not talking just a granola bar, here. Off-piste skiing and snowboarding is hard work, so you’ll want some energy gel sachets and electrolyte water to keep you going.
  • Pack a beacon – If you’re heading somewhere where avalanches could take place or there are tree wells, a beacon is important. It means you can be found, should something happen.

Got all that? Check out our snow ranges for men and women here on the Superdry site and find all the gear you need for your 2018 ski holiday.

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