#MySuperdry London – The City Guide

28th June 2017

This summer, we’re heading on a global tour to celebrate the brand’s incredible fans.  Making stops across Europe, USA, Asia and more, the brand will be hosting legendary music events that are true to the roots of each city.

So far, we’ve been to Amsterdam, Berlin, and the Summerburst festival in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden.  And we’re headed back to our roots with our London event on 29 June. One of our Stratford store staff – Isis Spence – is one step ahead of us and has given us some tips on East London’s hidden gems.

Living in an East London Melting Pot

Growing up in the hustle and bustle of East London, I’ve had the first hand experience of a true East London upbringing. And where I call home is Walthamstow; found at the northern end of the Victoria line.

Let me take you on a few footsteps of my childhood


1. Walthamstow Market

This market is truly a place to visit. It is the longest outdoor street market in Europe, filled with an array of stalls that sell food, cultural clothes, household goods; and a wide range of cafes and restaurants selling everything from Caribbean cuisine to traditional East London grub such as pie and mash and jellied eels.

The beauty of this market, is if you’re not fortunate enough to have the opportunities to travel the world, here in this market the worlds beauty comes to you. Exotic fruit and veg fills most stalls on your journey through the market, the smell of freshly make baklava from Turkish stalls fills the streets and the sweet scent of spices from Asia sold to make everyone’s dinner a little bit more sassy. A visual treat for the senses.


2. Box Park Shoreditch

Hopping on the train, for 17 minuets from Walthamstow Overground to Liverpool Street takes you to the quirky side of London. In particular the Box Park.

Now imagine shipping containers, filled with your favourite high street/luxury bands….

Fusing the concepts of  the modern street food market and pop-up retail mall, this gem is situated in the heart of London to deliver a community of brands specialising in fashion, arts, food and drink. It is the world’s very first pop-up mall and i’m sure not the last!


3. Hollow Ponds

Now when people think of East London, they might think its what we call a ‘concrete jungle’ however you couldn’t be more wrong.

10 minuets on the bus from Walthamstow central takes you to Leytonstone (the home of hollow ponds).

What I love so dearly about this place is that it is very random, I mean if I told you there was a huge pond filled with swans, rowing boats and various little creatures deep in East London, would you believe me?

This rare find is perfect for those bank holiday picnics, walking the dog, jogging and so much more 🙂


4. Walthamstow Village/Wood Street

Picturesque Tudor homes, fresh food cafe’s, charity shops filled with hidden collectables and the guarantee of a great conversation with the locals at the bars.

What more could you want?

For more of Isis’s photos and content check out her blog.