#MySuperdry Barcelona – The City Guide

3rd July 2017

This summer, we’re heading on a global tour to celebrate the brand’s incredible fans.  Making stops across Europe, USA, Asia and more, the brand will be hosting legendary music events that are true to the roots of each city.

So far, we’ve been to Amsterdam, Berlin, the Summerburst festival in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden, and London.  And we’re headed to Barcelona next.  One of our staff – Alison Hardwick – is one step ahead of us and has given us some tips on the cities hidden gems.

Barcelona is the place to be and here’s why. It has everything you could possibly need – non-stop sunshine, sandy beaches, stunning architecture, tasty tapas and salsa dancing to the early hours. Even Mr. Sheeran himself made a song about this great city which sums up its loveable charm perfectly, so if you don’t believe me, you can believe him.


If you’re looking for culture, there’s plenty to find all over the city. Most of the Gaudi attractions are easily accessible on the Metro – from wandering round the incredible La Sagrada Familia, trying to lift your jaw off the floor to relaxing in Park Gaudi listening to some classical guitar. To have the true experience, you have to visit the famous markets of Las Ramblas and lose yourself in the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. There you should find colourful markets, boutique stores, bakeries and cafes. Once your feet have given up walking, Barceloneta Beach is a welcome rest.


For a quick snack to keep you going, head to Karlito’s Juice Bar, which sells the most beautiful smoothies you will ever see – Instagram heaven! Check out @karlitos_barcelona. And of course, there is tapas… lots of tapas. Because what holiday is complete without copious amounts of delicious and indulgent food? The city is literally full of tapas bars and restaurants, but if you’re willing to spend a little, one of the best places to eat is Sensi Gourmet Tapas restaurant, tucked away in the back streets. Most importantly, the sangria is on point.


By night, the city comes to life in true Spanish style! Streets that were once quiet and calm by day open their shutters to become magical hubs bursting with people, colour and music from the many bars and clubs. Stick in the Gothic Quarter and you can’t go wrong, there’s an adventure round every corner.  Make sure you don’t have too much sangria so that you can navigate yourself to El Bombón, a lively little Caribbean bar where the music and mojitos will carry you all night long!

All photos: @theonlyalibabs