Last Minute Halloween Costumes – Already In Your Wardrobe

5th October 2017

Last minute Halloween party invite just flashed up in the Whatsapp group? You want an easy to throw together look, ready for the weekend that’s not too try hard.

Grab the prize for best costume with these easy ideas for halloween costumes from clothes you already own – or can nab with some cheeky next day delivery.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

You’ll be too busy having fun to worry too much about your costume, but you still want to make an impact. Steal the show via these Halloween costumes with ordinary clothes.


Salt Bae

The mysterious chef taught us how to season our food in the most extra way, earlier this year. Pay your respects and dress like him this Halloween. (Don’t know who Salt Bae is? Been living under a rock? Here’s the video.)

You’ll need:

  • White round neck t-shirt – A slim fit, with a low cut neck works best.
  • Black jeans – Easy enough.
  • Sunglasses – Add an air of mystery and look cool at the same time.
  • Beard – If you can’t grow one, draw it on with an eyebrow pencil.

Optional extra: Salt, to sprinkle in the most extra way, when someone asks who you are.


Winter Is Here

Bet you didn’t think you could make a Jon Snow costume with stuff already in your wardrobe/home. You know nothing.

You’ll need:

  • Furry IKEA rug and black blanket – Throw these on your shoulders and pin at the neck. Grab the rug on your bedroom floor in a pinch, just give it a good hoover first.  
  • Black grandad top – One of these should keep you extra cosy under all that fur.
  • Two black belts – Wear these over your chest and fastened at the back to look like straps.
  • Black jeans – Just the slim leg ones in your wardrobe are fine.
  • Black boots – Your fave leather ankle boots will finish things off.

Optional extra: A very sad face.


Getting Strange

Never thought you’d dress up as a brick wall for Halloween, did you? With the new Stranger Things season coming out at Halloween, it’s the perfect costume.

You’ll need:

  • Floral print shirt – If you’re feeling creative (and don’t want to wear the shirt again) write the alphabet across your chest.
  • Fairy Lights – Multi-coloured, battery operated ones are best so they light up. Dig around in the Christmas decorations box.
  • Black jeans – Keep things casual.
  • Black boots – Match the jeans.

Optional extra: Get someone to dress up as Will’s Mum and hang around with them all evening.


Phone Home

E.T. is a classic and if you have one of those creepy alien plush toys at home – or you know someone who does – then this is an easy look to pull together to create that infamous runaway bike scene.

You’ll need:

  • Red hoodie –  An oversized, pullover, red hoodie will help you nail the Elliot look. Plus, it will be warm when you’re heading home in the early hours.
  • Bike basket – You can nick this off your Mum’s push bike for the evening, or just use a small washing basket. Stick E.T in it, then hold it in front of you for photos.
  • Jeans – Just your everyday, basic blue denim.
  • White trainers – Finish off with your gym shoes.

Optional extra: An actual bicycle.


We Don’t Need Roads

Marty McFly may be an 80s throwback but we’re still loving him. Plus, his outfit is pretty easy to pull together for a plain clothes Halloween costume that will get you noticed.

You’ll need:

  • Check shirt – That one you pull out for every first date will do.
  • Denim jacket – Wear this over the shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.
  • Blue jeans – Marty loves a bit of double denim.
  • Red gilet – Wear this open, over the top. You’re gonna be warm until those initial photos with friends when everyone arrives are finished.
  • Trainers – If they light up, you’re winning.

Optional extra: Hoverboard.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

It’s time to play dress up. Throw together one of these costumes, for a look as lit as the party:

Baby One More Time

We all have fond memories of singing along to Britney and that hit first video release. So pay homage to the Princess of Pop herself with a schoolgirl themed, Halloween look.

You’ll need:

  • Pigtails – Grab a couple of hair ties and pull your hair into two cute bunches on each side of your head.
  • White shirt – That one you usually wear for smart meetings at work will do. Just be careful with the red wine. Tie it in a knot to make it cropped and get your midriff out, for a true Britney look.
  • Grey skirt – We’re thinking mini skirt here – if you have a pleated one you’ll be nailing this look.
  • Hockey socks – White, knee high socks are key to creating that schoolgirl look.
  • White trainers – Old school styles are best, white plimsolls are even better.

Optional extra: Lots of bubblegum.


Eggo Let’s Go

Dressing up as Eleven again this Halloween is totally allowed. If you’re relying on your wardrobe though, it’s a costume best suited to blondes. Otherwise you’re going to need a wig. Or a shaved head.

You’ll need:

  • Pink dress – A baby pink, smock dress is the best option.
  • Bomber or denim jacket – A navy bomber will look the part but a dark blue denim jacket can also help you pull this costume off.
  • White knee high socks – Pull out those old school hockey socks again.
  • White trainers – Comfy, practical and perfect for finishing off this costume.

Optional extra: Just a little fake blood coming from your nose – as if you’ve been using your powers all night.


Work It Wednesday

Wednesday Addams is the true Queen of Halloween and her look is so easy to pull together.

You’ll need:

  • Your best resting bitch face – Wednesday doesn’t smile.
  • Pigtail plaits – Part your hair in two, then plait each side.
  • Long sleeved black dress – A shirt dress style would be ideal but a bodycon fit adds a little sexy to your last minute Halloween look.
  • Chunky boots – Double up your Autumn ankle boots usage to finish off this costume.

Optional extra: Poison bottle – pretend to swig from this for photo opportunities.


Riveting Rosie

Be the ultimate girl power icon, with a last minute Rosie the Riveter costume.

You’ll need:

  • Red bandana – Put your hair up in a bun, then fix a red bandana around it for that vintage, 1940s look. Don’t have a bandana? Then use a red strap top, fold into a thin strip then fix this with hair pins.
  • High waist jeans – Baggier styles would work best but whatever denim you have in your wardrobe works.
  • Denim shirt – Roll up the sleeves then tuck into those high waist jeans.
  • Hiking boots – Rosie wears steel cap boots but you’ll get away with a strong pair of walking boots.

Optional extra: A cut out speech bubble with the words: ‘We Can Do It!’


Feel Like Dancing

Grab a mate for this costume and go as the cute dancing girls emoji. Don’t forget to pose together, with one toe pointed and hands on hips for the whole evening.

You’ll need:

  • Plain black t-shirt – Yep, any old black t-shirt in your wardrobe.
  • Black shorts – Plain running shorts or that pair you wear to cover up with on holiday will do. 
  • Black socks – They’re probably wearing ballet shoes but socks are easier.
  • Bunny ears – Grab a headband, some black card and cut out two bunny ear shapes. Stick these on and you’re done.

Optional extra: Matching wigs for true twin vibes.

Ready to boss Halloween? Try out one of these easy Halloween costumes with ordinary clothes and save some cash while still rocking the party.