James Yates: A Scrapbook of Conditioning Workouts

17th January 2019

James Yates is a model, fitness enthusiast/expert, and all round impeccable guy! With the release of his e-book, ‘A Scrapbook of Conditioning Workouts’, we caught up with the star to philosophise fitness and find out how the influencer gym session went that road-tested his workout…

How did fitness become ‘a thing’ for you, what’s your story?

It started when I was at university, training became part of my routine and the aim was purely aesthetic. Now it’s my hour in the day, my time to myself, my escape. I like to see how hard I can push myself, how strong I can be mentally. I like the conditioning side of fitness, getting that heart rate up and being fit and mobile.

What’s your personal definition of ‘being fit’?

Feeling comfortable in your body, feeling awake, alert, healthy. Enjoying being able to move and not dread any type of physical activity. It should feel good to be fit and be enjoyable.

Your fitness approach is built around conditioning workouts – can you explain what this means?

It means being wholly functional. Strong, powerful, good endurance, mobile, coordinated. Like whole body workouts, that mix strength, volume and endurance.

We road tested your workout last year with a fitness class led by the main man himself (you!) Can you outline what the session entailed with the different stations and fitness achievements within it?

So the session was 5 stations, each mini circuits, that held components or endurance, strength and power. The participants completed each station in a given time and rested between stations. We had exercises like deadlifts, kettlebell swings, atlas stones, air bike sprints and core exercises. The whole body was given a thorough workout and it was designed to maintain a high heart rate whilst still increasing strength and power.

What are your fitness goals and resolutions for 2019?

More time stretching and working on mobility! I am admittedly poor in maintaining this and it’s something I really need to spend more time on. I also want to do another challenge that pushes myself (last year I ran a marathon at a day’s notice with no training) mentally and physically.

You’ve got an epic relationship with Superdry – what styles do you gravitate towards here?

I love the fit of your athletic wear. I tend to wear something sleeveless with some shorts and long socks. In these winter months I’ll throw on a long sleeve top but I’m a shorts man all the way!


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