Introducing: Adam Rom

26th June 2019

You’re only 17 but achieving amazing things already – how do you balance teenage life with the music biz?

Aw thanks guys! Music is my teenage life!

What’s the school subject you excel in, and subject that goes completely over your head?

I only really excelled in music at high school, everything else I was fairly average at; I was one of the good kids at school though!

What does a typical week look like for Adam Rom?

A typical week looks like this…2-3 studio sessions, maybe a meeting or two, finishing the songs from the sessions at home, producing new songs for the next upcoming sessions, recording vocals, a vocal lesson, live practises, a photo shoot. That’s pretty much it!

How would you introduce your sound?

I would say it is…organic slightly left-field dance pop.

Who do you aspire to?

I love Justin Bieber. I think production wise I really got inspired from Mura Masa, Flume, Cashmere Cat, Louis the Child etc.

Your debut single is entitled Obvious – what’s it all about?

It’s about a relationship filled with uncertainty. One person is trying to make their feelings clear and OBVIOUS but the other half isn’t reciprocating; they are playing games.

What things are obvious no-brainers to you in life?

That dogs are the best.

What have you never been able to get your head around in life?

Why my iPhone dies when it’s at 30%!

What would be an obviously awesome summer to you?

Probably being dropped on a Greek island. That sounds like heaven.

What’s on your music career wishlist?

For this year I hope to get my first ever 1,000,000 streams, do some live performances here and hopefully travel to some other countries and perform.

You’ve got an awesome sense of style – how would you sum it up?

I’d say it’s a mixture between street wear and a sort of skater style.

We recently invited you to our Regent Street flagship – what did you make of the brand and what did you pick out?

I think the brand truly has something for everyone, that’s what I find so cool about it. I picked out some nutty stuff. I basically got a new wardrobe! Two of my favourite picks was this insane sweatshirt that was simple but had this retro feel to it and this multi coloured Camo hoodie.


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