On The Huntar For New Music

30th January 2019

If you’re on the hunt for new music in 2019, look no further than Huntar! The eclectic musician has been gracing endless ‘one to watch’ lists, and our recent natter and style session with him has charted him high amongst Superdry’s rising stars!

Hi Lewis! Why is your artist alias called Huntar?

Hey Superdry, my alias is called Huntar because when I first signed a record deal their offices had a deer hunter poster on the wall, and I thought it was pretty cool. I dropped the deer and changed the E to an A so people weren’t googling actual hunters haha. I didn’t think my real name really suited the electronic R&B sound I was making.

When we think of hunting, one thing that comes to mind is The Revenant. How would you fare?

I think I’d be relatively ok to be honest, would I be allowed to pack a bag? If so I reckon a few snacks and a bottle of water might help!

What are you on the hunt for in 2019?

Myself mainly, to further expand and learn. I’d really love to go away this year and focus on progression as an artist with my sound. I’d like to have real conviction with my new releases and start to really sound like an artist people recognise straight away when they hear my music.

Enough of the hunting puns we promise! What’s your story into music?

Once upon a time in a town far far away called Newmarket a young milky-bar-looking-kid picked up a guitar and decided to just see what happened. It ended up that he got fully obsessed with it. I just love writing songs and making music. I completely adore the idea of giving myself to it, so I keep doing it as much as I can whilst trying to always improve.

Who would play you in a film and why?

That’s a pretty good question. I guess someone who kind of has the hair down already, you know? I’m not too sure who could pull it off!

How do you define success?

Waking up and being further along than you were the day before. I think we live in a really weird time, in which everybody is always trying to compare themselves to others and that’s so dangerous. For me I think we’d maybe all be a bit happier if we judged our own lives on ourselves and take it a day at a time.

What do you make of social media, and where do you see the future of it going with relation to music?

It’s great isn’t it? Everyone can see absolutely everything all the time, if you want them to of course. Honestly, I think that’s fascinating when you really comprehend it. I guess I lived in a strange period where technology really advanced very quickly and I went from playing with sticks in a garden pretending they were snakes, to playing snake on a Nokia 3210. I feel like music had always been pure through the “CD era” – you went to the shop and bought a CD, and you really treasured it. For artists now I think it’s amazing because you can release music everywhere whenever and be so creative with how you do it. That’s the pro for everyone if you have an imagination – it’s exciting.

How would you sum up your sound, and what are your influences, both classic and unconventional? 

Prince was the man for me growing up, and my dad gave me the Batman soundtrack. Prince made the whole soundtrack and it’s honestly still unreal to listen to – it really stands up in today’s music as cool. He sampled things back then, and it’s crazy to think he was doing that back in 1989.

Your debut album is called The Ride – talk us through this journey!

It’s really been a wild 4 years working out who I am and what my sound is. As a first album it’s almost like figuring out who you are as a person growing up, and then the graduation…

We invited you to our Regent Street flagship recently, and loved having you. What did you pick out and make of the recent collection?

Everything, haha. I’ve got some great things and I’m so thankful, but a few of my favourite things I picked out were the new Superdry jumpers In blue/green and red. Then there’s the two oversized graffiti tops, the blue skinny bottoms, alongside my camo parka. What a time to be alive!


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