Mic Drop: Steal The Style From These Up and Coming Artists

29th November 2017

New season style is here, and we’re all about grabbing a few statement pieces to update the wardrobe but what we really love is checking out how the major influencers on the UK grime and rap scene are wearing them.

Whether we spot a new way of styling a jacket when they’re performing on stage or want to play copycat with a look they share on Insta – we’ve collaborated with some incredible artists this season and we’ve thrown together a rundown on how to steal their style.

Tiggs da Author

Follow him: @tiggsdaauthor

Tiggs da Author is one of the hottest new artists to emerge from London and has already rubbed shoulders with big names such as Tinie Tempah, Nines and J Hus – but he’s all about embracing his own style.

He was born in Tanzania but moved to London at the age of eight and so this is reflected in his style and music – with an urban meets soul vibe. Sharp lines, distressed leather, strong headwear and an easy to wear base layer are what makes Tiggs’ style so fun to try on for size. 


Steal Tiggs da Author’s style

  • Distressed leather jacket a leather jacket with strong shoulders and a tailored finish is a good choice but you should also look for something that appears well worn. Or you could even have a go at distressing it yourself.
  • Strong hat Tiggs da Author always finishes off his look with a statement hat – whether that’s a good looking beanie for casual days or a wide brimmed fedora when performing.
  • Button down shirt you can’t go wrong with a classic and this rising star understands the importance of a good tailored shirt. Opt for a darker, easy to wear colour that goes with everything.
  • Black jeans grab your fave slim denim out the wardrobe.
  • Trainers – Tiggs da Author likes to finish off a polished look with a bold pair of trainers. Go for fashion focussed styles over sports tech.

How to distress leather jackets

Here’s how to distress your leather jacket to capture Tiggs da Author’s style – if yours is a little too clean cut.

You will need:

  • Rubbing alcohol – pick up a bottle of surgical spirit (isopropyl alcohol) from a beauty store, such as Boots or Superdrug.
  • Sandpaper – this is great if you don’t want to distress your leather jacket too much.
  • Wire brush – this is for if you want to go to town.
  • Old rag – to apply the rubbing alcohol safely to the leather.

The method:

  1. Grab that rubbing alcohol and dab this on to the places you want to create the distressed look. Think elbows, collars, pockets and shoulders that come into contact with things more. Ensure the area is completely soaked.
  2. Take the wire brush and start running this over where you’ve put the rubbing alcohol – you’ll start to see it change colour. Keep rubbing until you get a colour and texture you like.
  3. If you want a smoother but still distressed look use the sandpaper instead. This will stop the leather from looking too roughed up.
  4. Wipe over where you’ve put the alcohol with water to get rid of any leftovers.

Tiggs da Author’s style is the very definition of smart casual – so pair your tailored shirt with a more distressed leather jacket to nail those vibes.

Don’t have any leather? We’ve got men’s leather jackets and women’s leather jackets here on the Superdry site to get you started.

171005_Paigey-Jkts VO Studios-1341_F

Paigey Cakey

Follow her: @mspaigeycakey

The 24 year-old MC, singer and actress hails from Hackney, London, and she definitely knows a thing or two about strong style. She’s all about mixing slogan sportswear with everyday casual pieces to create looks that get her remembered.

Shell suits, bold trainers and statement accessories – such as clear lens glasses and personalised jewellery – are part of Paigey’s main repertoire but she’s no stranger to keeping things low key too.

Steal Paigey Cakey’s style:

  • Denim dungareesLong leg, dungarees work for this season, wear them like Paigey with only one shoulder strap done up and leave the other hanging.
  • Printed t-shirt Paigey knows that a printed t-shirt does all the work for you. A slogan design is a solid choice as it can be mixed and matched with loads of things already in your wardrobe.
  • Trainers We’re loving Paigey’s massive collection of trainers. Copy her style with bold colours and lace up styles.
  • Headphones – Grab a pair of oversized headphones to wear while out and about. Play your fave tunes at all times and know you look good.
  • Personalised jewellery – Ensure everyone you meet knows your name with personalised neckwear, plus a couple of statement chain necklaces. Yellow gold is best if you want to get noticed.

Nadia Rose

Follow her: @nadiarosemusic

This girl’s starred in Vogue, so you know her style is going to be lit. Nadia is one of the hottest new artists on the UK rap scene with her debut album release coming out earlier this year, featuring tracks such as Skwod and Tight Up. She’s a lover of chill loungewear with strong tracksuits and finishing off with a statement bomber or quilted jacket.


Steal Nadia Rose’s style:

  • Full tracksuit Look for styles featuring strong colours and bold slogans that will get your noticed. Hooded tops are the best choice for your top half.
  • Fitted bomber jacket – bomber jackets are versatile, working with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. Throw one on over your tracksuit top and pull the hood out to add some interest to your look, like Nadia does.
  • Trainers – Clean white kicks always look good.
  • Statement jewellery – Nadia loves a strong hoop earring and it’s a style you can have a lot of fun with. Any gold colour will do but yellow gold is a fave for the UK rapper.

How to get space buns like Nadia Rose

Nadia’s go-to hair look is two identical buns on either side of her hair and it looks incredible whatever she’s wearing. Here’s a quick 5-step guide on how to replicate the look:

  1. Brush your hair out then part into two sections on either side of your head – aim for a semi-neat line down the back.
  2. Grab one side and gather this together, pulling it to the top of your head – secure with a hair tie.  
  3. Twist your hair then twirl this around the hair tie to make a round bun shape and secure with hair grips – do the same on the other side.
  4. Pull down two strands of hair to frame your face – Nadia likes to create plaits with these but you can leave them loose.
  5. Finish with holding spray – this should stop any loose hair from sticking up and ruining the look.

DJ Emerald

Follow her: @emeraldroselewis

Emerald is all about taking feminine pieces and mixing them up with luxe sportswear and strong fabrics to create a style all of her own. Her natural hair gets her noticed with stunning curls that do all the talking and her laidback style gives off chill vibes wherever she goes – whether that’s behind the decks playing out a DJ set or exploring new countries on her travels.

Emerald’s style gives us all the 90s feels, here’s how to replicate her look yourself…


Steal Emerald’s style

  • Low key tee Emerald’s a fan of taking everyday basics and pairing them with statement pieces. Grab an easy to wear black cami.
  • Suede skirtSuede is a material that adds a little luxury to any look and tan suede will make you feel like you’re carrying on those summer festival vibes.
  • Choker – Emerald loves a choker necklace. Copy her style with a simple string choker that ties up around the neck to create a statement piece of jewellery.

Throwing Shade

Follow her: @nabihahiqbal

Electronic artist Nabihah – stage name Throwing Shade – is best known for her soulful, abstract musical talents that are perfectly reflected in her style choices. Art meets style when Nabihah gets into her wardrobe, taking inspo from fashions across the globe and working alternative prints with everyday pieces.

Nabihah Isn’t just a fine dresser though – she’s also a boss producer who makes all her own tracks and has a strong political voice too. She was once studying a law degree but realised her passion for music was stronger – and we’re so glad she did.


Steal Nabihah’s style

  • Statement headwear Nabihah knows that a hat completely changes your look. Whether you’re a fan of a strong knitted beanie or a beret like the rising star enjoys, opt for a simple black style that goes with everything.
  • Strong print a Breton tee is an easy way of bagging style like Nabihah’s, with its horizontal stripe pattern that works with everything from your baggiest jeans to harem trousers and everything in between.
  • Cropped trousersAnkles are back and Nabihah is all about cropped trousers that show off her shoes and keep her look relaxed.

How to wear a beret with confidence

If you love Nabihah’s look, remember, anyone can embrace the beret but here’s how to ensure yours looks as good:

  • Choose a plain style – a beret is such a strong hat shape it really doesn’t need any other print. Opt for black, navy or tan for an easy to throw on accessory.
  • Wear hair loose – leave your hair loose and let it do its thing, allowing the beret to do all the work.
  • Pull on the beret and wear to the side – shimmy the beret to the side slightly and ensure plenty of material is on show.
  • Pin in place – keep it in place with a couple of hair grips tucked underneath and into your hair.
  • Get out there – enjoy the compliments that roll in when you’re out and about.  

Ready to steal their style? You’ll find all the pieces worn by these incredible artists right here on the Superdry site. Check out our new season styles for men and women.

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