How to bring the festival to you

6th July 2018

Couldn’t nab tickets to a festival this year? Or want to recreate a magical weekend from earlier in the year? Just have your own music event at home.


While you might not be able to see your icons play live, you can still recreate the vibe in your back garden. Plus, there’ll be less mud, dodgy public toilets and traffic to deal with. Here’s how to bring the festival to you and your mates – without having to pack up your stuff and leave the house.

Field Day Festival Fans in Superdry
@SonnyJay and @laurenfaith at this year’s Field Day festival


Choose your festival theme

Massive fan of the main stage at Glastonbury? Dig the eccentric vibes at Tomorrowland? Choose your festival and dress up your garden based around this. Every event has something that you can take and recreate.


Parklife this year was all about the tropical vibe – with inflatables being thrown around the crowd and tiki style decor in the Elrow tent. Field Day embraced diversity with rainbow streamers and urban vibes.


Whatever you go with, here’s what you definitely need to make your garden feel like a festival:


Glitter station – Festivals are all about getting glammed up – guy or girl – so have a table decked out with glitter. Stick this on with a bit of hair gel and don’t hold back. You’ll be shimmering in those Instagram boomerangs.


Confetti – Nothing tops that incredible moment when the beat drops and the confetti shoots out – while your fave DJ set is playing. Have confetti at the ready to throw when you’re dancing in the garden.


Fairy lights and lanterns – There’s nothing better than walking back to your tent after a wild night of music, with twinkling lights leading the way. Recreate this moment and deck out the garden fences with streams of fairy lights and hanging solar lanterns that add a soft glow once the sun goes down.


Picnic blankets and chairs – You’ll be dining alfresco at a festival, so bring out the blankets and picnic chairs at home. Great for chilling out on a sunny afternoon – they’re ideal for recreating those memories of long afternoons with mates at your fave music event.

Field Day Festival Goers in Superdry
@flora_carter and @houseofhold rock the frow at Field Day


Play the music loud

Festivals are all about the tunes. That means it’s time to pull out the big speakers and make some noise. Try not to wind up your neighbours though. Create a playlist featuring all the artists you wish you could see on the main stage – keep this going until late.


Invite that slightly weird mate

You know, the one who carries their guitar around everywhere they go and isn’t afraid to perform Wonderwall five times in one night. They probably haven’t brushed their hair in 6 months and are the type at a festival to rock up to a stranger’s tent, as if they’ve known them all their life. You need this guy or girl at your back garden festival to really nail the crazy vibe.


2 Festival Goers at Field Day
@evssofficial_ and @flora_carter look incredible at Field Day


Dress to impress

Festivals are all about having fun with your style. That means donning a stunning headpiece or fancy dress and wearing all the sequins and sparkle you can get your hands on. We’ve got the full lowdown in our blog, here on the site, featuring festival style hacks to try out but here’s an outfit to pull together for your big event.



  • Off the shoulder dress This wardrobe staple definitely doesn’t look out of place at a festival. Grab a jacket for the evening when the temperature drops.
  • Flip-flops – No mud means you can stay comfy with sliders or flip-flops.
  • Oversized hooded jacket – We saw loads of babes donning these hot pieces of outerwear at Field Day this year – looking glam with shorts and cropped tops. Keep one close by for your festival look, when the temperature drops.



  • Cargo shorts You may not need to load up the pockets with everything for a day at the festival but these are a great option for long summer days and nights.
  • V-neck t-shirt – These look good, are easy to throw on and come in a huge range of colours to suit your personal style. Wear one as a base for your festival look.
  • Low rise trainers – Slip on your comfiest sneakers and rave the night away.


Project a live show

Grab a projector and screen, load up YouTube and put your favourite live performance of a band on this. You can play the sound – loud – as if you’re there or have it running on silent in the background while you get down to the playlist you created earlier.


Crack out the drinks

Load up the ice bucket or the fridge – you don’t get that luxury at a festival – with your fave brews and enjoy a few bevvies with your mates.


Sleep under the stars

Festivals mean learning how to pitch a tent and get to grips with sleeping outside. Make putting up your tents part of the experience. Get your mates to help you set up before the music kicks in. If you’re feeling lazy just grab a pop up one.

Superdry Festival Style at Field Day 2018
@laurenfaith and @rachelfoxxinc know how to look good while chilling out


Set up the fire pit

There’s something magical about fire and festivals. Whether you’re watching the classic fire eaters perform or huddling around a portable BBQ – no festival experience would be complete without a fire pit. Light this up as the evening rolls round to stay warm no matter the weather.


Serve up street food

You could rustle up a BBQ or go all out with Thai dishes in foil tins. Dirty hot dogs and chicken wings with the spiciest sauce and all the trimmings are ideal for the true festival experience. Don’t forget the hot doughnuts with plenty of sauce and waffles too – it’s not an event without a doughnut stand. Feeling creative? Make your own hot food stand signs and decorate the garden with them for that true festival experience.


Let the festival come to you with these top tips. Pick a sunny day for it, get your mates round and party to some of the best tunes.


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