How to care for your jacket zip

22nd August 2018


We get it – your fave jacket has a snaggy zip and you don’t know whether to throw it in the bin in a rage or take some time to fix it. But don’t worry – we got you.


This guide breaks down how to fix broken zips, stop them from catching and just generally maintain them – so your jacket lasts and lasts.


You can also check out our full jacket care guide plus our in depth break down of how to wash a down jacket to ensure that coat stays fresh.


How to loosen up a stiff zipper


Dirt and dust can clog up your zipper – making it real hard to take your jacket off without looking like you’re trying to remove a tight running top, after a sweaty gym session.


Here’s how to loosen up that stiff zipper, with stuff you can probably find in the house right now:


  1. WD-40

Have a rifle through the garage and grab a can of WD-40. This lubricant spray can fix ANYTHING.


Spritz a little on the corner of a cloth or a cotton wool ball and wipe down the teeth of your zipper. Be careful not to get any on your jacket. Don’t wanna make things worse.


Try zipping and unzipping your coat – it should be pretty easy now.


  1. White vinegar

Can’t get your hands on WD-40? White vinegar does the job just as well.  Rub this onto the zip from top to bottom and it will dissolve any dodgy bits of lint or dirt that may be sticking your zipper.


  1. Graphite pencil

Who knew, right? Take the tip of a sharpened graphite pencil and rub this on the full length of your zipper. Try doing up your jacket and the graphite should act as a lubricant.


  1. Chapstick

You’ll definitely have one of these lying around. Apply a little to your finger then rub this into your zipper and up and down the teeth. This should smooth things out.


  1. Soap

Go old school with a bar of soap and wet this a little before applying to your zip. It should make things smoother when pulling the closer up and down.


  1. Talcum powder

Not just for babies – sprinkle a little on the zipper then gently move it up and down to get it going again. You’ll probably need a damp cloth to hand because this method can get pretty messy.


  1. Wax paper

Rub some wax paper along the zipper, getting in between the teeth and try moving the zip – it should start to loosen up.


Things to check when fixing a zipper


Just some things to note before you get started:

  • Don’t rage – Avoid pulling and forcing the zipper – you’re just gonna break it and that’s not an easy fix.
  • Avoid getting any of the materials on your coat – WD-40 will leave a greasy mark, white vinegar could stain your jacket and graphite dust can mark it. Be careful when applying these things to your zip.      
  • Look for anything stuck in the zipper – Thread and lint is a pain. Use a needle or a pin to pull out anything stuck in the zipper.              
  • Check the teeth – If you have a metal zipper, look for any teeth that are out of line as these will affect how the zipper moves. Use pliers to pull these back into place if any aren’t right.    


How to save your zip from future damage


Defence is better than offence.

  1. Ensure zippers are closed before putting your clothes in the wash – This means there’s less chance of them catching on anything while they’re spinning round in the drum.
  2. Lay clothes out flat or hang straight once washed – This means the zipper won’t dry in a crooked position and make it harder to close later.
  3. Dry clothing with zips on a low heat – If you’re using the tumble dryer, make sure the heat is low to avoid causing any damage to your zipper.


Ready to keep that Superdry jacket going for longer? Keep these tips to hand in case a zipper ever plays up.


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